These Bottled and Canned Cocktails Are Perfect for Sipping Outside

There's a reason everyone is buzzing over creative canned cocktails.

canned cocktails

The days of filling your flask or smuggling your favorite nip are long gone thanks to canned cocktails. And while conveniently packaged wine and spirits aren't necessarily a new idea, we're seeing more canned creations hit the shelves than ever before, likely due to the fact that they're the perfect way to get your buzz on without having to share a bottle (and the germs that come with).

Perfect to pack for the beach, a socially distant backyard barbecue, or a picnic with friends, these innovative cocktails are fun, delicious, and can be enjoyed effortlessly. Pair a refreshing Agua Fresca with a divine plate of nachos, or wash down a tasty hot dog with a spiked punch.

These days, the canned cocktail selections are limitless, and more brands continue to put their own unique spin on something classic. Whether you fancy yourself a refreshing sparkling cider or want to kick back with a chilled margarita, there's an option for every cooler.

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Miami Cocktail Co.

Miami Cocktail Co. ($13 for 4, has so many incredible options to sample—not to mention their bottles and cans are oh-so-cute. Made with only high-quality ingredients, these pre-made cocktails taste like they were whipped up by a talented mixologist. Toss a straw in the Organic Copper Pot Margarita or sip on a small-batch Blood Orange Mimosa.

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Cutwater Spirits

Based in San Diego, Cutwater Spirits ($14 for 4, is known for using its award-winning spirits and house-made mixers to create the perfect mixed drink. Liquor lovers can rejoice knowing there is an option for every palate. Some of the brand's more popular beverages include the Tequila Paloma, Fugu Grapefruit Vodka Soda, and Black Skimmer Whiskey Highball. They even have a Fugu Horchata Cold Brew if you need a little pick-me-up before a night out.

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Mural Agua Fresca Cerveza

If you haven't had an agua fresca, you haven't truly lived. Mural's rendition combines agua fresca with fresh fruit and beer ($10 for 6, for a refreshing drink that's not overly sweet. Enjoy the incredible flavors of hibiscus, agave, watermelon, and lime in each sip.

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Who says drinking wine from a can isn't classy? Pampelonne's ($12 for 4, sparkling French wine is inspired by the beaches of St. Tropez and embodies a sophisticated yet carefree vibe. Treat your tastebuds to all seven flavors offered. We hear the French 75—made with natural flavors of ambrosial elderflower, juniper, and Meyer lemon—calling our name.

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Crispin Cider

The best thing about cider is that it can be enjoyed from season to season. Crispin's cider ($11 for 6, uses fresh-pressed apples and pears, making it a perfect cocktail for a hot summer day or a chilly fall afternoon. If you prefer a sweeter taste, get your hands on the Cider Rose. If you enjoy something a bit more tart, try the Brut or Pearsecco.

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Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails

Flavorful, bubbly, and slightly sweet, Cape Line sparkling cocktails ($18 for 12, are some of the best-tasting beverages out there. Crafted with carbonated water, real fruit juice, and cane sugar, think of these as a refreshing take on hard strawberry lemonade, margaritas, or blackberry mojitos without being too sweet.

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