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Perhaps you're planning a dinner party, or maybe you just want to enjoy a quiet glass of wine at home. Either way, there are days when going to a store can seem like one more chore to complete. That's where alcohol delivery services come in, which offer same-day delivery of your order via local couriers, or (if time is not of the essence) you can place an order to arrive in a few days. The best alcohol delivery services offer a wide selection of alcohol along with flexible order amounts and delivery time.

These services vary greatly in how they operate: Some allow you to make your purchases through an app, with all transactions taking place on your phone. Others allow you to shop from a variety of available products in an online store. These services may offer one-time purchases, or they may operate as a subscription that delivers alcohol to you on a regular basis, such as every month or quarter.

Best Alcohol Delivery Services of 2022

an assortment of cardboard alcohol delivery boxes on a table

Real Simple / Mohamed Sadek

We researched 56 companies that ship and/or deliver alcohol and mixers via standard deliveries as well as through subscriptions. Our team collected 14 data points about each company, ranging from price and delivery area to offerings, what’s in each shipment, and the ways of reaching customer service.

Best Overall: Drizly

Drizzly Logo

Key Specs

  • Delivery Area: 31 states
  • Delivery Fee: $6.99
  • Same-/Next-Day Shipping? Yes

Why You Should Try It
Drizly provides a one-stop-shop for all types of beer, wine, and spirits with the best prices and fast delivery, often within one hour.


  • Extensive variety of brands and products
  • Delivery in under an hour
  • Can shop for the best price


  • Delivery and shipping cost not included
  • Each retailer has a purchase minimum

For those who want to shop a robust selection of beer, wine, and spirits from a variety of brands, Drizly is a great option for alcohol delivery. You'll also get your order fast, often with an arrival time of under 60 minutes in their coverage area. Those outside their coverage area can have their order shipped to arrive within just a few days.

Drizly partners with local retailers, meaning when you shop in their online store or through their app, you will often find multiple purchase options for the same product. You can select the best price and take advantage of special deals and local sales on all of the items you are shopping for. With over 2,000 products offered from any given store in their retail partner network, you will have no problem stocking your at-home bar or accommodating last-minute guests.

Pricing and Plans

  • Delivery fees starting at $5 plus a $1.99 service fee
  • Minimum order of $20 for most retailers

Best Variety: Minibar

Minibar logo

Key Specs

  • Delivery Area: 23 states
  • Delivery Fee: Varies by retailer
  • Same-/Next-Day Shipping? Yes

Why You Should Try It
You can shop for a wide variety of beer, exclusive wines, and top-shelf spirits, and even add a few mixers, coffee, and flowers to make your get-together complete.


  • Prioritizes customer service
  • Alcohol plus mixers and add-ons
  • Can compare prices before buying


  • Delivery fees vary by retailer
  • Each retailer has a purchase minimum

Often it's the extra touches that make an alcohol delivery service stand out, and that's what you'll find with Minibar. The company offers personalized customer service accessible by phone, email, or text to enhance your shopping experience. You can choose from a large selection of brands and types of alcohol and mixers from numerous local retailers, which allows you to compare prices to get the best deal.

Through its Vineyard Select program, you can also get exclusive wines from the country's top wineries delivered as part of your order. Add-ons also make this an ideal option when planning a gathering or gift-giving. Some retailers offer coffee, flowers, bar accessories, and even caviar.

Orders within Minibar's delivery range can arrive as quickly as 60 minutes. If you are outside their range, orders can be shipped to arrive a few days later. You can also schedule a day and time for your delivery. Note that each retailer on the site does have its own minimum purchase thresholds. Delivery and shipping fees are also set by the retailers, so pricing will vary.

Pricing and Plans

  • Delivery and shipping fees vary by retailer
  • Minimum purchase orders vary by retailer

Best for Beer: Tavour

Tavour Logo

Key Specs

  • Delivery Area: 47 states
  • Delivery Fee: Free shipping for subscriptions, $14.90 flat rate for other orders
  • Same-/Next-Day Shipping?No

Why You Should Try It
Shopping with Tavour gives you access to interesting new beers from craft breweries that you likely can't find in your area.


  • Access to top, trending craft beers
  • Customizable to your preferred beer styles
  • Free shipping for subscriptions


  • No same-day delivery
  • Shipping fee applies if not a subscriber

Tavour's app allows you to browse currently available beers and add them instantly to your cart. You'll want to check in frequently; new beers are released each day and many rare finds go fast. You have four weeks to add the beers to your cart and they will all ship for a flat rate of $14.90. Your shipping date will remain every four weeks unless you choose to change it.

You can also become a subscriber through the app and allow Tavour's team of experts to select beers for you that will be shipped regularly. You choose your preferred beer styles, number of beers, and how often you want deliveries. Subscriptions ship free, and while you can't swap beers, you can skip deliveries at any time.

Pricing and Plans

  • App orders: Cost of beers plus $14.90 flat rate shipping
  • 6-Beer Subscription: Starts at $55 per box
  • 12-Beer Subscription: Starts at $90 per box

Best for Wine: Winc

Winc Logo

Key Specs

  • Delivery Area: 38 states
  • Delivery Fee: Varies
  • Same-/Next-Day Shipping? No

Why You Should Try It
Exclusive wines at affordable prices fully tailored to your taste preferences are delivered to you each month.


  • Wines customized to your palate
  • Focus on organic, low-sugar wines
  • Shipments are customizable


  • Shipping only included on orders over $50

Winc is a wine delivery service that focuses on a customer-led experience. As winemakers who create the products and develop the brands that come in your monthly shipment, they have used customer preferences and feedback to craft each of the wines you can choose from. Upon signing up, you are led through a series of questions about your taste preferences that are used to suggest the best wines for you.

Each monthly shipment contains four bottles, but you can adjust your order to add more or skip shipments at any time. Once you sign up, you'll be charged $59.95 a month. Shipping is free for orders over $50.

Pricing and Plans

  • Membership: $59.95 per month

Best for Sparkling Wine: The Sip

The Sip Logo
The Sip

Key Specs

  • Delivery Area: 43 states
  • Delivery Fee: Free
  • Same-/Next-Day Shipping? No

Why You Should Try It
Sparkling wine lovers can try new wines by the glass without the worry of wasting a large bottle of bubbly that they don't enjoy.


  • Mini bottles for wines by the glass
  • Curated, high-end sparkling wines
  • One-time purchase options


  • Deliveries are bi-monthly only

The Sip's primary focus is on helping you try something new to discover wines you love. Sparkling wines are trickier to sample than other types of alcohol as once they are opened, they quickly lose the carbonation. The Sip Society solves this problem by delivering mini bottles of high-end sparkling wines every other month that are designed to be enjoyed one glass at a time.

Six times a year members receive a box with two to three smaller-format bottles of sparkling wine. Shipping is included. Those who pre-pay for an annual membership have the option of customizing their boxes. If you'd like to try a box before joining or give one as a gift, there are several on the website available for a one-time purchase. If you find a favorite in your subscription shipment, you can shop for full bottles on the website.

Pricing and Plans

  • One-time purchase boxes: start at $50.95
  • The Sip Society: starts at $54.95 per box

Best for Liquor: Mash&Grape

Mash and Grape Logo
Mash and Grape

Key Specs

  • Delivery Area: 38 states
  • Delivery Fee: $14.99 flat rate shipping on orders over $44
  • Same-/Next-Day Shipping? No

Why You Should Try It
Each month you'll receive a bottle of your favorite highly sought-after spirits from around the world.


  • Sourced from small distillers
  • Easy ordering for gift giving
  • Month-to-month and pre-pay options


  • Only 5 spirits to choose from
  • Shipping not included

If you prefer to sip your spirits neat or on the rocks, Mash & Grape delivers quality spirits. You can choose from whiskey, gin, scotch, bourbon, tequila, and rum. This alcohol delivery service sources from some of the best small distillers and independent bottlers around the world, ensuring that you will always have the opportunity to try something new.

Bottles can be purchased individually, but each spirit also has its own club. Once you join, you will receive one bottle each month that has been carefully curated by their team of experts. You can opt to join from month-to-month for yourself or pre-pay for three to 12 months, which is ideal for gifting the club to someone else. Pricing for each club varies by the type of spirit you select. Shipping is not included, but it is a flat-rate fee.

Pricing and Plans

  • Bourbon Club: $69/month plus shipping
  • Whiskey Club: $69/month plus shipping
  • Scotch Club: $79/month plus shipping
  • Tequila Club: $54/month plus shipping
  • Gin Club: $44/month plus shipping
  • Rum Club: $54/month plus shipping

Best for Sake: Tippsy Sake

Tippsy Logo

Key Specs

  • Delivery Area: 43 states
  • Delivery Fee: Varies
  • Same-/Next-Day Shipping? No

Why You Should Try It
This club delivers bottles of curated sake to you every three months, along with the opportunity to learn more about the drink through virtual tasting experiences hosted by sake experts.


  • Six bottles from different regions
  • Beginner's guide for new members
  • Free shipping for club members


  • One frequency option, every three months

Sake is a beverage with a history that is often not widely known. Among alcohol delivery services, this club stands out for offering a strong educational component to subscribers as well as top-quality sake. Those who join through a Sake Box subscription will receive six 10-ounce bottles of sake that represent the different sake regions of Japan as well as the three main categories of sake. A beginner's guide booklet as well as optional virtual tastings are included. It's ideal for those who already love sake but also want to learn more about it.

Subscription boxes ship every three months, and shipping is included. There is an option to pay for one box or for six and 12 months in full. You can also shop for sake by the bottle on the website and shipping is included when you order six or more bottles.

Pricing and Plans

  • Sake Box Club Pay Every 3 Months (1 shipment): $99
  • Sake Box Club Pay Every 6 Months (2 shipments): $196
  • Sake Box Club Pay Every 12 Months (3 shipments): $372

Best for Apéritifs: Haus

Haus Logo

Key Specs

  • Delivery Area: 38 states
  • Delivery Fee: Varies
  • Same-/Next-Day Shipping? No

Why You Should Try It
Haus allows you to try apéritifs in a variety of inventive flavors, either to drink as-is or mix into low-alcohol cocktails and spritzers.


  • Natural ingredients without refined sugars
  • 9 flavors to choose from
  • Single bottle purchase and club options


  • Free shipping for members and orders over $100 only

With an alcohol content that falls somewhere between wine and whiskey, the aperitif is ideal for those who want to enjoy a drink without feeling the effects after only a few sips. The selection of flavors available from Haus highlights the versatility of an apéritif for creating lower-ABV drinks. Flavors include Spiced Cherry and Grapefruit Jalapeno, and each bottle is made without artificial ingredients. They can be enjoyed on the rocks, with a splash of sparkling water to create a spritzer, or as a substitute for higher-alcohol spirits in a classic cocktail.

With this alcohol delivery service you can shop by the bottle, purchase one of two kits that provide a sampling of flavors in small bottles, or join a membership. Members choose between one and six bottles of their preferred flavors for delivery each month. There are exclusive, member-only flavors often available and shipping is included when you join.

Pricing and Plans

  • 1 Bottle Membership: $35
  • 2 Bottle Membership: $63
  • 6 Bottle Membership: $168

Best for Cocktails: American Cocktail Club

American Cocktail Club Logo
American Cocktail Club

Key Specs

  • Delivery Area: 45 states
  • Delivery Fee: Free
  • Same-/Next-Day Shipping? No

Why You Should Try It
Instead of a delivery with alcohol alone, American Cocktail Club sends you a kit to make a complete cocktail recipe that serves four people.


  • Everything you need to make a cocktail
  • Free shipping
  • One-time purchase and subscription options


  • Perishable items such as citrus not included

If you are tired of searching for all the ingredients to make a complete cocktail yourself, then a kit like this will make your life much easier. American Cocktail Club makes its own premium cocktail mixers. They are then combined with specially curated recipes for exclusive high-end cocktails and packaged with all ingredients you need to make the drink at home.

Through its subscription service, you'll receive a box each month that contains a cocktail recipe and the spirits, mixers, syrups, and garnishes needed to make four servings. Sometimes extras are thrown in such as a bar tool or an additional mixer. Shipping is free and you can choose to join month to month or prepay for three to 12 months. If you want to give it a try before subscribing, there are individual boxes on the website for purchase.

Pricing and Plans

  • Everything Box One-Time Purchase: $64.99
  • Everything Box Month-to-Month: $59.99
  • Everything Box 3 Month Pre-Pay: $174
  • Everything Box 6 Month Pre-Pay: $336
  • Everything Box 12 Month Pre-Pay: $648

Our Unboxing Process

The fun part about putting together this roundup was opening each delivery box and seeing what these alcohol delivery companies had to offer. We captured the unboxing process to help you decide which service might be best for you. We paid attention to:

  • The outside packaging: How sturdy was the box?
  • The inside packaging: How were the contents secured inside the delivery box?
  • Extras: What else besides the actual products were in the box? We wanted to know if the companies included any literature or freebies such as glasses, tasting notes, coasters, openers, etc.
two people looking at the contents of a champagne delivery box

Real Simple / Mohamed Sadek

Final Verdict

The best alcohol delivery service provides the type of alcohol you are shopping for and delivers it when you need it. That's why our pick for best overall service is Drizly. Thanks to local retail partnerships, Drizly is able to offer the best prices for beer, wine, and spirits in your area and have it delivered to you quickly. You can shop from a large selection of all types of alcohol, whether you simply need a six-pack of beer or a high-end spirit. It's a one-stop-shop for everything you need to prepare for a quiet night in, plan for a party, or simply stock up your home bar.

three people clinking glasses full of clear liquor

Real Simple / Mohamed Sadek

Compare the Best Alcohol Delivery Services

Company Delivery Area Delivery Fee Same-/Next-Day Shipping? Alcohol Types Club Options?
Drizly Best Overall 31 states $6.99 Yes Beer, wine, liquor No
Minibar Best Variety 23 states Varies Yes Beer, wine, liquor, mixers No
Tavour Best for Beer  47 states Free for subscriptions, $14.90 for other orders No Beer Yes
Winc Best for Wine 38 states Varies No Wine Yes
The Sip  Best for Sparkling Wine 43 states Free No Sparkling wine Yes
Mash&Grape Best for Liquor 38 states $14.99 flat rate shipping No Whiskey, gin, scotch, bourbon, rum, agave spirits Yes
Tippsy Sake  Best for Sake 43 states Free for members or $14.99 flat rate No Sake Yes
Haus  Best for Apéritifs 36 states Varies No Aperitifs Yes
American Cocktail Club Best for Cocktails 46 states Free No Liquor Yes

How Do Alcohol Delivery Services Work?

These services allow you to shop through an online store, on an app, or by joining a subscription to have beer, wine, and spirits delivered to you. Some of these services offer all types of spirits, while others specialize in one type such as beer or wine. With delivery, you'll eliminate the time it takes to go from store to store to search for what you need.

What's the Best Alcohol Delivery App?

The best overall alcohol delivery service, Drizly, also offers an app for online shopping. You can search for the items you need, compare prices, and complete your purchase all through their app. It's a convenient way to get your alcohol shopping done quickly.

How Much Do Alcohol Delivery Services Cost?

The cost varies by the type and amount of alcohol selected along with the method of delivery or shipping. Most delivery services partner with local retailers, so the current pricing and any special deals are passed on to you when you order through their service. Most offer flat rate delivery and shipping that ranges from $7 to $15. Pricing for clubs and subscriptions varies considerably based on the products sold, and generally range from about $40 to $60 per month.


We evaluated over 50 companies to select the best alcohol delivery services available. We included services that allow you to shop for all types of alcohol as well as those that specialize in one type such as craft beer or sake. Services with quick same-day turnaround were considered as well as those that ship across the country.

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