Plus other must-know tricks from a beer expert.

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, planning the perfect patriotic party menu is top of mind—beverages included.

The only party foul nearly as bad as a barbecue with no beer is one with warm beer. To prevent you from committing the ultimate offense, we asked Ryan Daley, Sr. Educator and Master Cicerone for the Brewers Collective, a division of Anheuser-Busch, for his thoughts on the best way to keep beer cold outside in sweltering summertime temps. His answer couldn’t be easier: simply fill a hard-sided cooler up with ice and bury your beer in it. And as much as you possibly can, keep the cooler lid closed!

Here are a few other super helpful pointers from Ryan on best-practices for serving beer.

How do you chill beer as quickly as possible?

Creating an ice-water bath is a great way to cool down your beer quickly. The water increases the amount of surface contact with the bottle and/or can of beer, which can help to speed up the cooling process. Plus, adding salt lowers the water's freezing point, which makes the cooling process even more efficient.

What are some of the best beer styles to enjoy in the summer and why?

There are plenty of summer-centric styles of beer to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites:

American Blonde Ales – many examples have all of the great citrus and tropical fruit flavors you get from American Pale Ales and IPAs, but their lighter body, lower ABV and lower level of bitterness make them perfect for warmer summer days.

Berliner Weisse – this sour German wheat beer carries a lower ABV, effervescent level of carbonation and a fruity, tart and dry flavor profile. All things add up to a great summer beer.

Kolsch – take a hint of malt sweetness, a kiss of floral hops, some subtle fruit notes of melon and white grape, combine those with a light body and dry finish, and a good Kolsch is tough to beat on a hot summer day.

Beer from the bottle or beer from a glass?

It may not always be feasible to pour your beer into a glass when you’re on the move this summer, but when the opportunity presents itself, find a glass that works for you and pour your beer in there. Also, by releasing some of the carbon dioxide it enhances flavor and lightens the body. Win. Win.

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