With your newfound knowledge, people will think you're a sommelier. 

Navigating a wine store or an unfamiliar menu can be tough if you don't know your grapes—so if you're headed to happy hour with your coworkers or want a nice gift for a housewarming party, you need a few key buying and ordering tips. Luckily, for this week's "Adulthood Made Easy," host Sam Zabell consulted Amy Zavatto, wine and spirits expert and author of The Renaissance Guide to Wine and Food Pairing ($13, amazon.com), to get a crash course in Wine 101.

From wine label buzzwords, like "oaked," to recommendations for the best wine you can buy on a budget (Rioja, according to Zavatto), you'll learn the basics of buying and orderingand finally graduate from boxed wine once and for all. Listen to the full episode below, and don't forget to subscribe on iTunes!