We ladled up 125 pasta sauces (not a typo) to find the best. These sauces will make you say "amore."

By Ananda Eidelstein
Updated February 26, 2019
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This perfectly seasoned all-purpose sauce is made with only eight simple ingredients. It has just the right amount of texture—not too chunky and not too smooth—so you can use it for meatballs or lasagna.

To buy: $7 for 24 oz.; walmart.com.

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Bursting with basil flavor, this sugar-free winner gets its natural sweetness from tomatoes alone.

To buy: $3 for 24 oz.; brandless.com.

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Roasting garlic mellows its heat, so it adds rich, savory flavor, minus the bite.

To buy: $3 for 24 oz.; newmansown.com.

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Tasters loved the blend of Parmesan and Romano cheeses in this pink sauce. It has the homemade flavor and rustic texture of your favorite red sauce joint’s.

To buy: $7 for 24 oz.; target.com.

Credit: target.com


Velvety and super cheesy, this black-pepper-studded sauce clings to noodles without getting gloppy.

To buy: $3 for 15 oz.; target.com.

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Wake up your standard pasta dish with a kick. There’s just enough spice to make you notice, but not so much to scare off the heat-averse.

To buy: $6 for 25 oz.; amazon.com.