Don’t have a cow—try one of these dairy-free options instead. We tasted 124 brands to find the cream of the crop.

By Mary Honkus
Updated January 28, 2020
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For anyone who's lactose intolerant, has a dairy allergy, is vegan, or just doesn’t like the taste of cow's milk, searching for substitutes is nothing new. To the rest of us, however, the dairy-free options can be daunting, particularly with new varieties of plant-based milks popping up every time we visit the grocery store. We tried 124 brands of plant-based milk alternatives (including oat, almond, cashew, creamers, and more) to find the best—here are our favorites.

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This sustainably produced choice has a luscious oat flavor and a texture that’s so close to cow’s milk. We loved it poured over granola and as a one-to-one substitute for dairy milk when baking.

To buy: $5 for 64 oz.;

Brian Henn


Chocolate and nuts just go together, especially in this creamy delight. Microwave it for instant hot chocolate, or blend it with banana and ice for a smoothie.

To buy: $26 for 4 32-oz. cartons;

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You know it’s good when you can see little flecks of vanilla bean. This silky and slightly sweet pick stood out from its sugary competitors.

To buy: $6 for 48 oz.;

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This extra-rich creamer lightens but doesn’t overly sweeten your coffee: It has just one gram of sugar per serving.

To buy: $5 for 32 oz.;

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This subtle, earthy nut milk is made with just five ingredients (and no gums or emulsifiers). It’s great in oatmeal and cereal—and tasty enough to drink straight.

To buy: $14 for 2 32-oz. cartons;

Brian Henn


This pick offers more calcium per cup than cow’s milk and delivers the fresh taste of almonds without added sugar.

To buy: $24 for 12 32-oz. cartons;