6 Cookies You’d Never Know Are Gluten-Free

It can be tricky and expensive to make your own gluten-free desserts. But with these tasty treats stashed in the pantry, you'll be ready for any snacktime emergency.


Goodie Girl Midnight Brownie Cookies


Made by a New York City-based mom, these crisp, not-too-sweet, and deeply chocolatey cookies are studded with semi-sweet Belgium chocolate chips and come packed in an adorable re-sealable pouch.

To buy: $5 for one 6-ounce container, goodiegirlcookies.com and vitacost.com.

Photo by goodiegirlcookies.com

Bunches & Bunches Cloud Cookies


This charming collection of feather-light cookies are handmade in Portland, Oregon and sold with each crisp meringue individually wrapped in white tissue. Makes an ideal gift for gluten-free friends. (Talk about cloud nine!)

To buy: $25 for one 12-ounce container, mouth.com and bunchesandbunches.com.

Photo by mouth.com

Krumville Bake Shop Almond Chocolate Amaretti


A chocolate-laden take on the classic Italian macaroon, these four large egg white-based cookies are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside--in other words, pretty darn addictive.

To buy: $8 for one 5-ounce container, krumvillebakeshop.com.

Photo by krumvillebakeshop.com


Honey and Soul Matcha Hazelnut Cookie


Buttery pureed hazelnuts and antioxidant-rich matcha green tea are an irresistibly tasty (and relatively healthy) combination. Better yet, these are gluten-free and dairy-free to boot!

To buy: $3.50 for one 1.75-ounce cookie., farmtopeople.com.

Photo by farmtopeople.com

Dr. Lucy’s Ginger Snap


These old fashioned ginger biscuits get their satisfying crunch and warm, appealing spicy flavor from real ginger, lemon, and a kick of chipotle pepper.

To buy: $6 for one 5.5-ounce container, soap.com, and jet.com.

Photo by peanutfreeplanet.com

Tate’s Gluten Free Sampler


Cookie monsters, listen up: this pack incudes forty-two thin and crispy fresh chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, and ginger delights.

To buy: $20 for three 7-ounce containers, tatesbakeshop.com and amazon.com.

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Photo by tatesbakeshop.com