13 Whole Foods Pantry Staples Under $5

We can’t get enough of Whole Foods’ 365 Everyday Value line. The affordable products come out on top in taste tests time and time again, and they’ve become staples in our pantry, fridge and freezer. Stock up on these finds next time you’re at Whole Foods—we guarantee they’ll be put to frequent use.


Whole Foods 365 Organic Homestyle Waffles

Photo by instacart.com

These waffles toast up golden brown, with a hint of sweetness. Our tasters found them “light, without being full of air.” Smother them with butter and syrup, or pile on peanut butter and banana.

To buy: $3 for six, Whole Foods Market.


Whole Foods 365 Thin Crust Chicken & BBQ Sauce Pizza

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Smoked Gouda, juicy chicken breast, and a not-too-sweet barbecue sauce combine to create a mouthwatering slice you’ll want seconds (and thirds) of. Keep a few boxes stocked in the freezer for busy weeknights.

To buy: $5 for 14.3 ounces (serves 3), Whole Foods Market.


Whole Foods 365 Roasted Red Chipotle Salsa

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Pull this spicy dip out on Taco Tuesday, or when unexpected guests drop by. It’s packed with chipotles (smoke-dried jalapeños) and roasted tomatoes.

To buy: $3 for 16 oz., Whole Foods Market.


Whole Foods 365 Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes

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You’ll always find at least one can of whole peeled tomatoes on hand in our pantry. They’re perfect for soups, pastas, pizza, and more. Plus, you won’t find any tough stem ends in these cans.

To buy: $2.30 for 28 oz. can, Whole Foods Market.


Whole Foods 365 Organic Whole Wheat Penne Rigate

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This is our favorite short whole wheat pasta on the market. While other whole-grain varieties can have an off-putting texture or earthy taste, this variety is slightly sweet and oh-so tasty. Try it in one of our modern pasta salads.

To buy: $1.50 for 16 ounces, Whole Foods Market.


365 Everyday Value Crunchy Peanut Butter

Photo by Jens Mortensen

This jar is true to its word: every bite is filled with large pieces of roasted peanuts. Try it on toast or sandwiches, in granola, or stirred into peanut butter cookies or brownies.

To buy: $3.20 for 18 ounces, Whole Foods Market.


365 Everyday Value Organic Whole Milk Plain Yogurt

Photo by Whole Foods Market

This rich and versatile pick lacks the mouth-drying astringency of many competitors, making it a good choice to use in sweet or savory dishes. Enjoy for breakfast topped with fresh fruit, or put it to use in savory dishes.

To buy: $3.50 for 32 ounces, Whole Foods Market.


365 Everyday Value Organic Soymilk Unsweetened

Photo by Whole Foods Market

This is the smoothest soymilk we’ve tasted, and because it’s shelf-stable you can stock up in bulk. It’s great for cereal, in coffee, or as a dairy milk substitute in baked goods.

To buy: $3.30 for 64 fl ounces, Whole Foods Market.


365 Everyday Value Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

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These standout as the clear winner amongst every chocolate chip on the market. We turn to them for all our baking needs, from classic chocolate chip cookies to scrumptious peanut butter and chocolate chip pancakes.

To buy: $3 for 12 ounces, Whole Foods Market.


365 Everyday Value Organic Short Grain Brown Rice

Photo by Danny Kim

This healthy staple comes in handy in weeknight stir-fries, or as a side dish for fish. Though we always recommend stirring a pat of butter into rice, these kernels taste buttery even before we add it in.

To buy: $4 for 32 ounces, Whole Foods Market.


365 Everyday Value Golden Round Crackers

Photo by Danny Kim

These buttery crackers practically melt in your mouth, but won’t leave you with greasy fingers. Set them out as part of a giant party platter, or pack them in everyone’s lunches.

To buy: $3 for 12 ounces, Whole Foods Market.


Whole Foods 365 Organic Cinnamon & Spice Instant Oatmeal

Photo by Danny Kim

Though we typically suggest making oatmeal from scratch, this is one product we’ll make an exception for. It tastes just like a fresh-from-the-oven ginger cookie, and is sure to please both kids and adults. Top with apple slices for the ultimate breakfast treat.

To buy: $3.90 for 8 single-serving packets, Whole Foods Market.


365 Everyday Value Arborio Rice

Photo by Danny Kim

Even after constant stirring, these grains held their shape (other brands became gummy). This has quickly become our go-to rice for hearty risottos and creamy rice pudding.

To buy: $3 for 16 ounces, Whole Foods Market.