Sheet Pan Pancake Recipes That Will Feed a Crowd 

Try the classic buttermilk, or opt for one of our creative variations. Find all of the recipes here



Photo by Brie Passano

Serve everyone at the table a warm stack of pancakes all at once. We’ve made the breakfast favorite hassle-free by baking the batter in a sheet tray until golden and fluffy. Then, we brushed the pancake with butter and stuck it under the broiler to create the perfect golden top. For a classic breakfast, serve with butter and drizzle with maple syrup. You may never go back to standard pancakes.


Bananas, Cinnamon, and Chopped Peanuts

Photo by Brie Passano

Spice up your weekend breakfast routine with these easy pancakes that bake all at once. Ground cinnamon in the batter provides the perfect warming touch, and the caramelized bananas on top simply melt in your mouth. In fact, this oversized pancake is reminiscent of banana bread. Serve with chopped salted peanuts for added crunch, and a big drizzle of maple syrup, of course. 


Blueberries, Lemon Zest, and Powdered Sugar

Photo by Brie Passano

Dotting these pancakes with blueberries gives them a pretty, starry-night effect, and dusting them all over with powdered makes them even more festive. There's lemon zest in the batter, which makes these bright and fresh, and you can even sprinkle some more on top for extra zing.


Raspberries and Cream Cheese Swirl

Photo by Brie Passano

Swirling cream cheese into these irresistible sheet pan pancakes not only makes for a fun marbled effect, it adds a richness you're sure to love. In fact, when topped with fresh raspberries, too, these remind us of tasty breakfast danishes. What's not to love?