The prices still amaze me.

When it comes to shopping, grocery included, I tend to be a bit picky, to say the least. I choose farmers’ markets and pricey grocery stores over discount supermarkets simply for the experience. I love picking out fresh produce from local farm stands, and often take my time roaming the aisles of fancy markets. It’s calming and in a way... almost therapeutic.

Because of my snobbish shopping ways, there are certain stores that I used to refuse to enter, one of them being Aldi. I just never really gave it a chance. But that all changed when, for some reason, I traded my typical Sunday shopping routine for a trip to Aldi. The insanely low prices blew my mind, and I was amazed by the amount of healthy, organic, and fair trade items available. Here, four items that dramatically cut down my weekly grocery bill.

(For Aldi newbies: Make sure to bring a quarter to rent your cart and a couple of reusable bags. Your entire experience will be infinitely better.)

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