You can eat the rich peanut butter center with a spoon.


It was pretty sweet news when Cadbury released their Oreo-Flavored Crème Eggs, filled with a creamy cookie center you can eat with an accompanying purple spoon. If you’ve tried the new digs or just love regular Cadbury Crème Eggs, Reese’s new take, here just in time for Easter, will have you hopping for joy.

Spotted at Walmart, the foil-wrapped eggs ($3.48 for a pack of 5) are filled with a whipped peanut butter mixture that’s lighter than the regular filling of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups but slightly thicker than the "yolk" inside of a Cadbury egg, made from a sugary paste called fondant. Both Reese's and Cadbury are made by The Hershey Company, so it's no surprise their thin milk chocolate shells taste practically identical.

The candy is a perfectly balanced combination of sweet milk chocolate shell and salty peanut butter filling. The results satisfy most cravings and don’t hit you over the head with just one note.

Although they’re meant to be enjoyed whole (just how you would bite into an apple), the box they come in depicts an egg with the top neatly sliced off. This immediately reminded us of Cadbury's spoonable egg filling, and our imaginations ran wild: what if you could dip into that creamy peanut butter center with a spoon too? Would a spoon even fit inside? We tried pulling it off, and low and behold, if you slice the egg in half, a spoon fits like a glove.

While we’re not planning on ditching the classic Cadbury egg, there’s certainly room in the market (and our Easter baskets) for two varieties of decadent, spoonable crème eggs.