5 Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe Ideas—Proving It's a Must-Have Side

From a classic to sausage and raisins, these stuffing recipes will make a great addition to your Thanksgiving menu.

While your roast turkey recipe may get most of the recognition on Thanksgiving Day, it's often the side dishes that make the nation's biggest food holiday truly mouthwatering every year. Take mashed potatoes—can you imagine a tablescape without them? Cranberry sauce, gravy, roasted root veggies, and pumpkin pie are also mandatory. But forget the stuffing—the hero of Thanksgiving dinner—and there will be a price to pay. Call it the sleeper side—see if we care.

Stuffing is non-negotiable: It's carb-loaded, comforting, and filled with soft chunks of warm bread, toasty nuts, and dried fruit. It's pretty easy to make, too. We present our five favorite stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving. (Oh, and while the term "leftover stuffing" may seem like an oxymoron, it does happen. Just in case, peruse our collection of recipes for leftover stuffing.)

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Classic Stuffing

Grace Elkus

Think of this simple stuffing recipe as your blank canvas. Made from the classic combination of onions, celery, and sage—we added white wine for brightness and a clean finish. Use your standard white sandwich bread or swap it for rustic sourdough, seeded rye, or torn challah. (Yes, please!)

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Sourdough and Sage Stuffing

Sourdough and Sage Stuffing
Roland Bello

The sourdough bread in this stuffing recipe gives it a deliciously toasty tang. For a heartier dish, add bacon bits, pecan pieces, and fresh thyme.

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Sage and Apple Stuffing

Anna Williams

A delicious stuffing recipe shouldn't make you spend all day chopping and stirring. There are mashed potatoes to make and birds to roast! Enter this speedy sage-apple stuffing, which only takes 20 minutes of hands-on time.

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Fig and Pine Nut Stuffing

Fig and Pine Nut Stuffing

These flavors are perfect for celebrating fall. Pine nuts add texture and crunch, dry white wine gives it depth of flavor, while dried figs lend a hint of sweetness without dragging the flavors too far in the direction of dessert. Cover with buttered foil for the first 20 minutes to ensure every bite has a bit of crave-worthy crust.

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Stuffing With Sausage and Raisins

Stuffing With Sausage and Raisins
Jose Picayo

Golden raisins give this sausage and parsley-scented stuffing recipe a hint of sweetness. Don't forget to add the leeks, which lend a smooth, earthy aroma.

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