16 Deliciously Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipes

These boo-zy beverages are so good, it's scary.

Kombucha Blood Orange Mule

Believe it or not, Halloween cocktails can be much, much more than a basic orange cocktail or food-coloring concoction. The best Halloween cocktails have a spooky vibe, of course, maybe with a name that plays off popular Halloween quotes or Halloween puns, but not all autumnal cocktails need to be kitschy.

These bittersweet witches' brews—including punches and fall favorites—are so delicious you may find yourself making them all year long.

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Kombucha Blood Orange Mule

Blood Orange and Kombucha Mule
Stephen DeVries

This tweak on the Moscow mule hits all the right notes for a Halloween cocktail—spicy ginger beer and kombucha, plus bold red blood orange juice and a tart twist of lime.

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Spicy Mulled Wine

Cinnamon cocktails - Spicy Mulled Wine
Greg DuPree

After a cold night out trick-or-treating, a warming mulled wine will be a welcome treat—especially with a little kick of spice from peppercorns, cinnamon, and fresh ginger.

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Holiday Punch

Halloween cocktails recipes - Spooky Halloween Punch
Jennifer Causey

This Halloween cocktail is plenty tasty—and an orange cocktail, for all the spooky cheer you could hope for—but you can make it even spookier by adding a little dry ice to add a creepy fog effect to your presentation.

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Blackberry Thyme Cocktail

Getty Images

A drink that looks like witch's brew? Consider us intrigued. Though spooky in appearance, this cocktail is actually quite delicious and refreshing. It’s made with whiskey and Chambord, and features a dash of thyme and caraway-infused maple syrup. (You can make your own by simmering maple syrup with a few sprigs of thyme and caraway seeds for 15 minutes.)

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Molasses-Spiced Spiked Cider

Apple cider cocktails - Molasses-Spiced Spiked Cider
Caitlin Bensel

Halloween is a quintessential fall holiday, which means it calls for some quintessential fall drinks. Here, you’ll spike a glass of autumnal apple cider with rum or bourbon, molasses, and some fresh ginger. The molasses adds dark-sweet undertones to apple cider, while ginger adds a spicy heat. Decorate your cinnamon sticks to look like skeletons and this drink is sufficiently Halloween-ready!

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Spiced Apple Kombucha Cocktail

Apple cider cocktails - Spiced Apple Kombucha Cocktail
Stephen DeVries

Spiced rum is the secret to this delicious drink because it adds depth and flavor with just one ingredient. In this recipe, the flavorful spirit joins forces with apple cider, apple kombucha, and apple slices to create one tasty cocktail. 

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Chambord Royale

Getty Images

With just two ingredients—Chambord (a sweet, black-raspberry liqueur) and your favorite sparkling wine—this cocktail is ridiculously easy to make and can really be enjoyed all year round. To make it Halloween-ready, consider adding dry ice or decorating the raspberry garnish to look like little brains.

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Cider Bellini

Apple cider cocktail recipes- ideas for apple cider drinks with alcohol (apple cider bellini)
Getty Images

If there’s a Halloween brunch in your future, consider making a batch of these tasty fall Bellinis for you and your crew. While not scary per se, feel free to get creative with Halloween themed cocktail straws and stirrers.  

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Apple Cinnamon-Spiced Cocktail

Apple cider cocktails - Apple Cinnamon-Spiced Cocktail

Think of this delicious drink recipe as a fall spin on your summertime favorite, the Aperol Spritz. Rather than Prosecco and sparkling water, you'll swap in a sweet, sour, and spirited blend of fresh lemon juice, apple cider, and vodka. Use black sugar to create a creepy rim that will definitely give this drink all the Halloween vibes.

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Frozen Spiced Apple Snowball

Cinnamon cocktails - Frozen Spiced Apple Snowball
Taylor Ivison

While the “snowball” portion of this drink might make it a bit more wintry, the shaved ice can just as easily be a ghost, if you want it to be. Some dry ice might come in handy here as well.

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Boozy Apple Cider Slushie

Boozy Apple Cider Slushies

This frozen apple cider cocktail is a fun, boozy slushie recipe for those who can’t get enough of fall flavors. Add some spookiness by getting fun cocktail straws and garnishing each beverage with dehydrated apple slices.

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Pumpkin Martini

Halloween cocktails recipes - Pumpkin Martini
Joseph De Leo

Stay away from those cloying, pumpkin-flavored liqueurs—this drink uses pure pumpkin puree, with vodka for the kick.

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Cider and Pomegranate Margarita

Apple cider cocktails - Cider and Pomegranate Margarita
Emma Darvick

Margaritas are delicious no matter what time of year it is. This fall version swaps pomegranate juice and apple cider in place of the usual tropical juices, but tastes just as delicious as the OG drink

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Cider Dark and Stormy

Apple cider cocktails - Cider Dark and Stormy
Emma Darvick

This cocktail recipe adds apple cider to a traditional Dark and Stormy for a deliciously fall drink, so you can have your favorite cocktail and seasonal flavors in a single glass. Opt for a black sugar rim and a blueberry-in-a-lychee garnish, which resembles a very ghoulish eyeball.

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Pomegranate Royale Champagne Cocktail

two rocks glasses filled with vodka-based pomegranate juice cocktails, garnished with pomegranate arils and fresh rosemary, with more pomegranate seeds and kumquats in the background
Natalie Titanov

This blood-colored drink made with pomegranate juice, vodka, and St. Germain liqueur works as a Halloween cocktail or a festive holiday sip. On Oct. 31, simply add some dry ice to the mix to make it creepy.

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Bloody Mary

Getty Images

Since “blood” is in the name, we’d be remiss not to include this classic brunch cocktail. Serve it in syringes if you’re feeling especially spooky, or get creative with a bevy of creepy garnishes.

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