Pound Cake With Oranges, Honey, and Rosemary
When topped with honeyed orange segments and chopped rosemary, a plain cake becomes a delightful dessert. Get the recipe.
| Credit: Anna Williams

After an elaborate holiday meal, you may want a simple finish. Plenty of Christmas dessert recipes are rich and decadent, but try topping slices of pound cake with honeyed oranges for something that’s sweet and satisfying, yet still refreshing. You can bake your own cake from scratch or start with your favorite store-bought one (your secret is safe with us). Dress up each slice with fresh orange segments and honey, then sprinkle with chopped fresh rosemary before serving for an unexpected savory note. The fresh citrus will brighten up the buttery cake, while the honey mixed with the orange juice creates a natural sauce to add moisture and subtle sweetness.

Get the recipe: Pound Cake With Oranges, Honey, and Rosemary

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