With all the best snacks, of course.

By Laura Fisher
January 22, 2021

Whether or not you're a football fan, Super Bowl Sunday is always a fun excuse to meet up with friends and family over good food. This year, of course, it's recommended to keep all gatherings to small groups and follow local public health and CDC guidance for hosting events. But if you have a little neighborhood or family pod, you might be interested in bundling up and getting together in the backyard and streaming the game together. We'll leave the logistics of projectors vs. outside TV mounts to you, but there are a few dos and don't's to hosting an outdoor event, including which tasty snacks you choose to serve, and making sure your guests are comfortable and happy to hang throughout the game. Read on for some more helpful tips to make Super Bowl LV a blast.

If you live in a cold-weather zone, nothing will put a damper on your party than your guests shivering and leaving halfway through the game. Stocking your patio (or wherever you’re hosting) with throws and fleece blankets will help everyone stay cozy and happy throughout. 

Skip the chips, dips, and salsas and focus on foods that don’t encourage people to use their fingers for serving. This will also help avoid clustering around a bowl or tray. Check out the recipes below for a few easy-to-serve options.

Utilizing your outdoor grill will be the best way to keep the food coming while you interact with your guests. This grilling guide will walk you through how to prepare food on the grill in any season, whether or not you’re already a pro. 

Speaking of grilling, no hot dog or burger would be complete without all the fixings. Utilize individual ramekins for condiments like salsa, ketchup, and mustard to avoid double dipping and the passing around of jars and bottles. No ramekins? No problem—you can repurpose a cupcake tin and squeeze all your favorite sauces and dressing into their own tin container.

Finally, be clear in advance with your guests about what the protocols at your gathering will be. Ask everyone to sit six feet apart, wear masks when not eating or drinking, come in through the backyard to avoid the house. After all, it’s better for everyone to be on the same page. 

Best Super Bowl Snack Recipes

While chips and dip might be off the menu due to health safety precautions, there are still  a bevvy of options to choose from to keep the Super Bowl Sunday spirit alive. Find our complete guide to Super Bowl snacks here, but we recommend sticking to the bite-sized options below.

Credit: Grace Elkus

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Plates of nachos aren’t exactly pandemic-friendly, but these adorable individual servings certainly are. Don't worry, they pack in all the same flavor and texture as the beloved originals. 

Credit: Greg DuPree

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Super Bowl food doesn’t need to center around meat. This seasonal standout pizza with roasted squash, caramelized onions, and parsley will have guests grabbing wedges right and left—so make extra!

Credit: Con Poulos

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Don’t be fooled by grilled chicken’s boring reputation. This recipe sends the bird to soak in a marinade for anywhere from an hour to overnight, transforming the meat into a juicy main course. 

Credit: David Prince

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Forget spaghetti—these party favorites are served with a toothpick and make the perfect grabbable nosh. 

Credit: Miha Matei

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Bite-sized sandwiches make for easy eating and are a lot less messy than their full sized counterparts. But don’t worry, a hearty filling of sausage and peppers will leave your guests full and satisfied. 

Credit: Quentin Bacon

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The fan favorite gets an upgrade with chicken sausage in place of standard franks.