It’s much different than anything they’ve done before.

By Grace Elkus
March 03, 2017

Between creamy overnight oats and the oatmeal latte, it’s no secret that oats are having somewhat of a comeback. The latest oatmeal trend we’ve seen across the Internet? A hearty morning bowl that leans sweet instead of savory.

Instead of apples and cinnamon or bananas and brown sugar, oats are being topped with garlicky kale, poached or fried eggs, scallions and soy sauce—the list goes on. And now, thanks to Quaker’s newest flavor, curious cooks don’t have to start the process from scratch. Quaker’s new Apple Cheddar Rosemary Instant Oats are available in grocery stores nationwide.

The flavor emerged from Quaker’s Bring Your Best Bowl contest, which challenged breakfast lovers to submit oatmeal flavors using just two to five ingredients. Karen D. of Boston submitted the winning idea (she beat out more than 500,000 entries), which was inspired by her signature apple, cheddar, and rosemary flatbread. The two runner-up finalists submitted Vanilla Chai and Lemon Ricotta Pancake.

“We created the Bring Your Best Bowl contest to inspire people to think about the versatility of oats, and that’s exactly what our winner Karen delivered with her unique flavor combination,” Becky Frankiewicz, senior vice president and general manager of Quaker Foods North America, said in a statement. “For 140 years, Quaker has been committed to bringing the whole grain goodness of oats to more people in more ways, more often, and we are so excited to continue to do so with this new savory oatmeal.”

We tried the flavor, and we weren’t totally sold. Though the texture was impressive and it was easy to prepare, the flavors didn’t work together quite as well as we had hoped. However, we love that Quaker is introducing their consumers to the idea of savory oats, and at the end of the day, they're easy to prepare yourself. We suggest cheddar and scallion, pineapple and mint, or fried egg and avocado.