Daily Harvest Is Now Offering (Healthy) Flatbreads, and We've Never Been so Excited to Eat Frozen Pizza

They ship directly to your doorstep, too.

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Healthy eaters who prefer solids to smoothies are in luck. Daily Harvest, the direct to consumer one-step food service, is launching a new trio of plant-based, gluten-free vegan flatbreads, shipped frozen straight to your door. Starting April 7, the flatbreads, which are $8.99, will be added to the Serena Willams- and Gwenyth Paltrow-backed frozen foods company.

Daily Harvest Flatbreads will launch in three flavors: Artichoke and Spinach on broccoli crust, Kale and Coriander on sweet potato crust and Tomato and Cremini on cauliflower crust. Each is designed to mimic the flavors of an already familiar dish, but with a healthier twist. The artichoke and spinach flatbread is inspired by roasted artichoke white pizza, the kale is like roasted veggies dipped in herby sauce and the tomato, topped with large rings on onions and mushrooms is inspired by a red sauce pie. Each flatbread is two servings, and takes about 20 minutes to bake in the oven.

Before the flatbreads hit doorsteps, Real Simple tasted a preview of the product. Here's what we thought.

The "Unboxing"

My Daily Harvest Flatbreads arrived via UPS, which, thankfully, I could track online and plan my upcoming meals. As soon as I got the package, I unboxed the food, packaged in Instagram-friendly slim cardboard boxes, that easily slide into tight spaces in the freezer. Inside each box, a frozen flatbread was wrapped tightly in plastic and a cardboard bottom to keep the crust stiff, similar to a frozen pizza.

The Preparation

Heating up a Daily Harvest Flatbread is as easy as baking a frozen pizza, but with one caveat: You can dress it up however you like. While the paleo-friendly flatbreads are cheese-less, cheese is a welcome and deserving topping. Add some mozzarella, pecorino, fontina or parmesan to the artichoke, feta or bleu cheese to the kale, and your favorite pizza cheeses to the tomato mushroom.

Once the oven is preheated to 450°F, the flatbreads go in, straight on the oven racks, like the best frozen pizzas. Set a 10 minute timer and turn them halfway through, and, pro-tip, use a long oven mitt to protect your arm from the super hot oven…10 to 12 more minutes later and the flatbreads are ready. Carefully remove each one, and let it sit on a baking sheet or cooling rack.

The Taste Test

Once the flatbreads had rested for a few minutes but were still quite steamy, I used a kitchen scissors to cut mine into four slices. Now is also a nice time to add cheese crumbles or a dollop of ricotta or Greek yogurt.

While frozen food is typically overly salty, Daily Harvest aims for uber healthy dishes, so I found the flatbreads slightly underseasoned. But that’s nothing a few shakes of salt and red chili flakes can’t fix. Each flavor tasted fresh, fulfilling, and healthy, and with some additions, can be easily customized to a super satisfying meal. My favorite was the roasted artichoke, which has a lucious layer of tahini for white sauce (in place of cream). I devoured the broccoli crust with a fork and knife—the combo of artichoke, broccoli, and spinach worked well, and I felt good about eating my greens.

Overall, these wouldn’t replace pizza for me (what could?), but they are certainly the healthiest option in my freezer right now—and ten times more tasty than my sad work-from-home desk salad.

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