She videotaped the whole experience—and we can't stop watching. 

By Grace Elkus
Updated January 23, 2018
Credit: Whole Foods

While it’s no surprise Whole Foods has a pretty delicious sandwich selection, we haven’t given much thought to any one of them in particular—until now.

The buzz began on Dec. 30 when actress Tabitha Brown posted a video of her eating a TTLA—a vegan alternative to a BLT featuring tempeh bacon, tomato, lettuce, and avocado. While she says she initially was just going to eat half the sandwich and save the rest for later, she couldn’t stop herself from enjoying the whole thing—and shared the full experience on Facebook.

“If you got a Whole Foods by you, go to their deli, ask for this TTLA, add a pickle, and watch your life change,” she says.

The video quickly went viral, garnering more than 1.2 million views, 2,400 comments, and 9,000 shares. Brown’s feed is filled with cooking videos and vegan recipe inspiration, but the TTLA review is her most popular by far.

Within a week, the #TTLA challenge was born. People across the country are trying the sandwich and posting their photos with the hashtag. Want to get in on the fun? Whole Foods posted a list of participating stores on their website, and also shared the recipe so that everyone can experience the joy of a TTLA. In addition to the tempeh, tomato, lettuce, and avocado, the sandwich, built on ciabatta bread, features a vegan garlic aioli and salt and pepper. Oh, and pickles, if you want yours just like Brown’s.