You’ve never seen produce like this before.

By Meg Josephson
Updated June 22, 2017
Credit: Keller & Keller Photography/Getty Images

Pinterest is full of interesting food hacks—some that work brilliantly, and others that fail miserably. But when we saw “upcycled fruit” spiking on the platform, we knew it was a trend we could stand behind.

The concept is simple: let your creative juices flow while also reducing food waste. While there are multiple cleaning purposes for citrus peels and lemon juice, you can also use them in DIY craft projects. From birdhouses to candles, deck out your home with these fun creations—and then wind down with a cocktail in a pineapple.

This candle is glowing! Scoop out the fruit’s flesh, pour oil into the base, and insert a wick. Don’t just stop at oranges—most fruit skins will do the job, and they’ll fill your room with their natural scents.

Melon bowls are the gift that keeps on giving. Use your leftover watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew for your morning smoothie bowls, or scoop melon out, then fill the the rind with the balls of fruit. This melon baller will get the job done.

You’ll have one less dish to do with this DIY pineapple cup. Fill it with whatever you’re feeling thirsty for, and bonus points for using a banana to create a dolphin! It's especially fun with frozen tropical drinks.

Make the neighborhood birds feel right at home in these handmade gourd birdhouses. The various sizes and shapes of the gourds naturally attract different birds. If you love this idea, check out our other ways to put your gourds to good use.

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