Plus, two fan-favorites are back in the game.

By Ananda Eidelstein
August 10, 2017

There was a lot of cheering in a full-staff meeting when it was casually mentioned that Dark Chocolate Twix bars are now available in grocery stores nationwide. We were one of the lucky firsts to try it, and we're not gonna lie—it is crazy good. The new flavor features the classic crunchy shortbread cookie covered in the golden caramel we all know and love, coated in rich dark chocolate. Unlike some candy bars, this one manages to not be overwhelmingly sweet. Plus, dark chocolate is healthier for you, right? Sign us up.

Twix is also bringing back their Peanut Butter and White Chocolate flavors due to popular demand. Twix Peanut Butter features creamy nut butter in place of caramel, while Twix White has the traditional inside, coated in silky white chocolate. And while these flavors will eventually be available nationwide, the team at Mars Chocolate thought it would be fun to let fans do a little searching to find them. Twix lovers are encouraged to share where they find the bars with #FoundNewTWIX on social media platforms. If you don't spot them, don't fear—Twix Peanut Butter will be hitting stores in September, and Twix White, previously an exclusive seasonal offering, will be back on shelves permanently starting this November.

So, thank you, Twix, for giving us more ways to enjoy the classic cookie bar and chocolate combo.