Trader Joe's Officially Sells Oat Milk—Here's What You Should Know

PSA: It's oat-ally affordable

In case you haven't heard, oat milk is the hottest new dairy-free "mylk" on the market. It's rise in popularity is partially due to its similarities to dairy milk in creaminess and texture, making it an easy switch for those looking to reduce consumption of animal products for either health or environmental reasons.

If you're looking to try out the oat milk phenomenon, you could always make your own. But, some weeks just don't lend themselves to blending up homemade elixirs for your morning coffee. Once again, Trader Joe's comes to the rescue with the recent release of its private label "Oat Milk Beverage."

The best part of the TJ's version is its affordability. Trader Joe's is selling the oat milk beverage for $2.29 for one quart, or $3.99 for a two-quart container. Other popular oat milk brands retail for $4.99 - $8.99, depending where you buy them. That's a pretty big price difference, especially if you drink oat milk on the regular.

It's worth noting that the Trader Joe's oat milk is a little bit thinner than some of the other varieties out there, and doesn't lend the same creamy mouthfeel to beverages. It's more similar to an almond milk texture, which makes it a great alternative for those who don't do dairy or tree nuts. It's also naturally a bit sweeter than some of the other dairy alternatives, with no added sugar.

The Trader Joe's oat milk is sold in shelf-stable, quart-sized cartons in the non-refrigerated section, and will stay good in your pantry for months before being opened. You can find the two-quart container in the refrigerated section. So, stock up because we have a feeling this will be flying off the shelves.

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