Your afternoon snacking ritual just got a whole lot fancier.

By Brooke Schuldt
Updated May 01, 2019
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I’ve spent the better part of a year transforming my nutrition and trying to go as close to sugar-free as I possibly can while still indulging in the occasional delicious chocolate chip cookie. I’ve found new ways to sneak fruits and veggies into my diet, experimented with new recipes and ingredients, and hunted every grocery store in my area in the search for the perfect cravings-busting snack that is on the healthier side while still feeling indulgent. After a casual stroll through my local Trader Joe’s this weekend, I think I may have found the healthy-ish snack of my dreams: the Roasted and Salted Truffle Marcona Almonds.

These almonds are out of this world delicious. They're the perfect combination of savory truffle goodness, mouthwatering saltiness, and pack just enough crunch to keep you coming back for more. Almonds are loaded with antioxidants, vitamin E, and can lower cholesterol (shall I go on?), making them the perfect desk snack companion. Plus, there are no added preservatives and are made from just four ingredients: sunflower oil, sea salt, dried truffle, and truffle flavoring.

Now, I am a fan of truffle, which I have found to be a very polarizing taste for most people. You either love it or you absolutely can’t stand it. Trader Joe’s almonds have a subtle truffle flavor that isn’t overpowering, and I’m pretty sure could change the mind of any skeptic. But, if you’re still opposed, they also have Roasted and Salted Marcona Almonds with Rosemary, which deliver just a hint of heavenly herbal flavor.

I have eaten my marconas as an afternoon snack every single day since we met (okay, maybe they're my morning and afternoon snack, too), and I pretty much can't be seen in the office without them. They fuel my brain all day long at work! That being said, all work and no play makes these almonds a dull food. Possibilities are endless: they're perfect for serving at parties on charcuterie or cheese boards, bringing on picnics, and I'm dying to toss some in my food processor for some DIY truffle butter.

Now, the final reason I'm obsessed with these fancy almonds: they're just $5.99 for a 6-ounce bag! What's better than a wallet-friendly snack that taste like a splurge? There's a generous amount in the bag, too, so it'll last you a while (...maybe) at your desk or can serve a small dinner party with no problem. But if you opt to serve something else on your cheese board and save these fancy almonds all for yourself, I wouldn’t blame you. Because that’s exactly what I would do.