PSA: Cotton Candy Grapes Have Been Spotted Back on Shelves at Trader Joe's

You'd better act fast.

Photo: Getty Images

There are few things better than healthy snacks that taste like dessert, and cotton candy grapes are the perfect example. This unique light green grape variety was developed by horticulturalist David Cain in 2011—his intention was to give consumers a new type of fruit (similar to the way there are seemingly endless varieties of apples) without genetic modification or artificial flavors. Cain made a special hybrid of two grape vine species meant to showcase the natural sweetness of grapes that he says has been stripped away from years of breeding to fit shipping and storage standards.

Major success: cotton candy grapes are seedless bite-sized morsels that taste exactly like the hand-spun sugary treat you used to eat at the carnival as a kid.

Understandably, cotton candy grapes have seen some major success the past several years at grocery stores like Costco, Whole Foods, Publix, and Wegman's. They're typically only available in late summer (August and September), but this past weekend we were floored to hear they were spotted back on shelves at Trader Joe's.

The fruit's return was shared by mega-popular Instagram account Trader Joe's List who posted this picture of the god-given green grapes on Sunday morning. It received nearly 23,000 and 1,200 comments in under 24 hours.

We don't have any information just yet on nationwide availability or stocking, but we do that that the sighting occurred at a Trader Joe's in Florida. In the meantime, we recommend running to your closest Trader Joe's to see if they're one of the lucky locations that'll be selling cotton candy grapes this summer.

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