This makes guacamole so much easier.

By Grace Elkus
Updated December 08, 2017

It appears avocado news isn’t slowing down any time soon. Earlier this week, everyone was buzzing about a massive 5.23 lb. avocado found in Hawaii. Before that, the news of low-fat avocados took the Internet by storm, as did the idea of replacing cheese with avocado in a mac and cheese recipe. Today, avocados are making headlines for an entirely new reason: pitless avocados are being sold at Marks & Spencer, a supermarket/department store in England.

Considering there’s now a term (“avocado hand”) for cutting yourself while trying to pit an avocado, pitless avocados could spare a lot of trips to the ER. Called cocktail avocados, the fruits are grown in Spain as a result of an unpollinated avocado blossom, according to the BBC.

Unfortunately, the majority of the fruits are sent directly to a Parisian food market, where chefs buy them to use in their high-end restaurants. Marks & Spencer were able to source a small number, and are selling them in packs of five. They have yet to be spotted stateside.

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In the meantime, watch our video on how to slice and dice an avocado to avoid injury. Then, use the delicious fruit to create a vibrant aioli, top a hearty breakfast bowl, or nestle into a taco. And if you were hoping to surprise your friends with pitless avocados, we bet they’ll be equally as impressed by Trader Joes' mini avocados.