Want to be as cool as a you-know-what this summer? Try these sweet, seedless, petite cucumbers (most are about five inches long) in everything from pizzas to cocktails. The skins are tender and delicious, so you can chill with the peeler, too.

By Heath Goldman

Excuuuse Me!

Persian cucumbers are part of the “burpless” category, so-called because they’re considered less bitter than other types. English cucumbers, also burpless, are skinny and long (about 14 inches) and otherwise similar to Persians. You can use both varieties interchangeably. 

In a Pickle?

Don’t confuse Persians with pickling cucumbers, commonly known as Kirbys, which are similar in size but have seeds and a tough, bumpy skin. Kirbys are traditionally used for pickles, but we like to pickle Persians, too. 

Recipes by Paige Grandjean