The sad, limp sandwich has sparked quite a debate.

By Grace Elkus
Updated November 15, 2017
Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are one of the first things many people learn how to make. Sure, you can swap in almond butter, use fruit preserves instead of jelly, or build it on seeded whole-wheat slices instead of soft white sandwich bread. Regardless, the rules remain the same: You want a generous smear of nut butter, with at least half as much jelly or jam slathered on top.

Because it’s such a simple staple to make at home, perhaps it’s no surprise that a photo of a very meager PB&J sandwich from Panera Bread has gone viral on Reddit. (The post has garnered more than 1,600 comments in one day). There’s barely any jelly to be seen, and the peanut butter was haphazardly spread, leaving the edges bare. The Reddit user who uploaded the photo said they paid $6 for the sandwich.

The debate seems to be whether the sandwich was simply made by a lazy employee, or if Panera, in an effort to cut costs and prevent excessive food waste, has deemed that skimpy portion as the appropriate amount of peanut butter and jelly for their sandwiches. At one point, a Panera employee chimed in to say that their PB&J’s are never this bare-bones, and that a sandwich is supposed to be checked three to four times over before being given to the customer.

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Our takeaway? People feel very passionately about their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches—and aren't interested in emptying their pockets to enjoy one. To avoid disappoint, we suggest making yours at home, using the very best peanut butter and jam, as determined by our very thorough taste testing. In fact, go beyond the sandwich and make these creative PB&J recipes, ranging from muffins to waffles.