Is this real life?

By Ananda Eidelstein
September 22, 2017

Spotted: Oreo Hot Cocoa Mix at an undisclosed Walmart. Yes, that’s right. Your fall and winter just got so much better.

Who doesn't love wrapping their hands around a warm mug and sipping on hot cocoa when it’s chilly out? It’s one of the best things about the temperatures dropping! And no matter how you eat your Oreos or how many times you dunk it in milk, an Oreo is an Oreo and we love them! And now, you can drink ‘em.

The Impulsive Buy got us all excited with the news of an Oreo-flavored hot cocoa mix found on a Walmart shelf this week. With no details on an official release, we were at the edge of our seats wondering what it tastes like. Then junkbanter, reviewer of all things new, rare, and junk food related got a hold of the mix, tried it with water, and said, “It’s a normal hot cocoa mix with Oreo cookie crumbs in it”. And we’re okay with that! Apparently, the cocoa mix itself is pretty good and on the dark end—which makes sense due to the dark chocolate cookie.

Holding out to try some of this hot chocolate is going to be a challenge. You might just have to drop some Oreos in a food processor, mix it with hot cocoa mix, and add that to steaming milk in the meantime. Or be patient, wait until the temps drop, and make these No-Bake Cookies and Cream Bars instead.

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Milk’s favorite cookie never ceases to surprise us with irresistible creations. In June, we tried the Dunkin’ Donuts Limited Edition Mocha Oreo, and since last fall we’ve been drooling over Oreo’s new line of chocolate candy bars. Oreo, thanks for existing.