See the chaos that broke out when Intermarché, a French grocery store chain, slashed prices on nutella by 70 percent.

By Grace Elkus
January 26, 2018
Getty Images

Not many breakfast spreads have superfans—but then again, Nutella is not your average toast topper. On Thursday, January 25, the love for the chocolate hazelnut spread was on full display when Intermarché, a French grocery store chain, launched a limited-time promotion on their 35-oz. jars. Originally priced at 4.70 euros ($5.85), the chain slashed the price to 1.41 euros ($1.75). That’s a 70 percent discount, and it didn’t go unnoticed.

Customers in locations all over the country began shoving each other and shouting in the supermarkets as they attempted to snag as many jars as possible, according to Bloomberg. Though the deal was supposed to run until Saturday, it quickly became clear the store would run out of stock before then. 

Some of the chaos was caught on video by customers, who began uploading the footage to social media. In one video uploaded to Twitter, you can see people violently shoving and elbowing other customers—with some customers on their hands and knees—as they to try to grab a jar. The supermarket appears to be packed.

Ferrero, the maker of Nutella, was less than pleased with the commotion spurred by the sale. They tweeted a statement noting that they were not involved in the decision to launch the promotion.

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