What’s your state’s favorite?

By Ananda Eidelstein
December 01, 2017
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So many food holidays, so little time to fully cherish them all. But we are big fans of this particular one—National Cookie Day on December 4th. Whether you like your cookies chewy, crispy, or gooey we can surely all agree that cookies are something to celebrate. And who knows that best than Nestlé Toll House, who issued a nationwide consumer survey to get to the bottom of the cookie jar, or more specifically which cookie best represents the state they reside.

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The findings are interesting and will have you reaching for all of the cookies. There is no surprise to some of them, like Vermont’s cookie of choice. The state known for its maple syrup decided that Maple Pecan Cookies best represent them. While, The Cowboy Cookie is the top pick for Texas and Wyoming. Hawaii, the state known for their signature crop, macadamia, made this cookie their must-have. 

Although each state picked their favorite cookie, 1 out of 3 Americans picked Chocolate Chip as the cookie that best describes their state. Lots of love for chocolate chip! Also among millennials, 41 percent favored this beloved cookie, with Snickernoodle coming in second place. Regardless of the cookie, 72 percent of Americans consider soft and chewy their favorite cookie texture.

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After all this cookie knowledge we need a chocolate chip cookie ourselves. This chocolate chip cookie recipe is our personal go-to. Bake ‘em on this cookie sheet.

It’s not a coincidence this national food holiday takes place in December—‘tis the holidays, after all. It’s time to kick off the season of cookie swaps and gift giving and here’s everything you ever wanted to know about holiday cookies.

Check out the infographic below and find out what your state’s favorite cookie is.

Most Popular Cookies by State