3 Surprising Ways to Use Maple Syrup

Both sweet and savory.

It seems like a quintessential autumn ingredient—those bottles scream fall foliage and cozy sweaters—but did you know maple syrup is actually harvested in late winter and early spring? The cold nights and milder days of February and March create pressure in the trees, causing the sap to flow. It's tapped and boiled down into the sweet, golden liquid you pour onto pancakes. Or, even better, onto a French toast soufflé.


Maple Vinaigrette

Photo by Grace Elkus

You’ll be pouring this versatile vinaigrette onto dinners all week long, whether you’re enjoying succulent pork chops or a leafy green salad. The maple syrup adds a touch of sweetness, which rounds out the dressing and keeps greens from tasting too bitter. If the dressing congeals in the fridge, let it come to room temperature (or microwave for 10 seconds) before pouring. 

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French Toast Soufflé

Photo by Grace Elkus

These adorable single-serve soufflés combine the airiness of French toast with the sweet taste of maple syrup. Be sure to whip the egg yolks and syrup until thickened, which will help keep the mixture from separating post-baking. Serve them warm from the oven, with a dusting of powdered sugar.

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Maple-Roasted Vegetables

Photo by Grace Elkus

Thanks to a drizzle of maple syrup, Brussels sprouts and carrots get beautifully caramelized in the oven. Apply this treatment to any roasted veg: the maple-flavored oil tastes great on sweet potatoes, too. Serve with pork, chicken, or as part of a grain bowl.

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