The sugary cereal mash-up will be on store shelves next month. 

By Grace Elkus
December 29, 2017
General Mills

It’s no secret that the best part of a bowl of Lucky Charms is the colorful bite-sized marshmallows in every bite. In fact, they’re so magically delicious that General Mills released 10,000 “Marshmallows Only” boxes last May. But for some reason, the marshmallows have always either been paired with oat cereal (traditional or Cinnamon Vanilla), or sold on their own, and have never been mixed in with another cereal variety—until now.

Starting in January 2018, Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes will be available on store shelves at major retailers nationwide. The new cereal is a mix of sweetened corn flakes and the Lucky Charms marshmallows (technically called marbits) you know and love. We can’t believe we didn't think of this combo sooner.  

Interestingly, General Mills, the creator of the new cereal, does not own Frosted Flakes (Kellogg’s does), so technically this isn’t a mash-up of the two nostalgic cereals. Rather, it is General Mills’ take on the popular classic (hence why Tony the Tiger won't be making an appearance on the new packaging). Only a taste test will tell whether it's as good as the real deal. 

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Though the cereal is definitely on the sweet side, it’s made with 100 percent whole grain corn and offers 11 grams of whole grain per serving. If you do decide to try it, you’ll likely see General Mills’ other new releases alongside it at the grocery store. Also in January, the company is launching Cinnamon Toast Crunch Blasted Shreds and Peanut Butter Chocolate Blasted Shreds, which are bites of shredded whole grain wheat flavored with either cinnamon or chocolate peanut butter.