Quick ideas that transform the ever-present staple in your fridge door into delicious dishes

By Dawn Perry
Updated June 21, 2019
Corey Olsen

There are plenty of reasons to keep ketchup on hand even if you don’t use it on your burgers and hot dogs. Slow-cook pork in a tangy mixture of the sweet sauce, fresh tomato, and vinegar for tender pulled pork that’s perfect for a tableful of guests. Simmer tofu and broccoli in a takeout-inspired glaze. Or whisk ketchup with fresh dill and olive oil and toss with crunchy summer vegetables for a salad your kids will thank you for.

Alison Miksch


This easy braise turns a pork shoulder into tangy, tender shreds, perfect for piling on a toasted roll, a slab of Texas toast, or a baked potato. The point is: pair with carbs. Lots of carbs. Ketchup punches up the fresh tomato with sweetness and spices, while vinegar brings that classic barbecue vibes.

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Alison Miksch


Ketchup comes to the rescue for this simple weeknight dinner recipe. It’s pre-spiced, sweetened, and packs intense tomato flavor that infuses the sweet and sour sauce. While it’s not totally authentic, that doesn’t mean it won’t become a classic. And it will, because it turns out ketchup, soy, honey, and rice vinegar are a match made in heaven.

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Alison Miksch


Ketchup in your vinaigrette? Yes, ketchup in your vinaigrette! You’ll thank us later. Think of it as French dressing’s cute younger sister. Here, it’s paired with a chopped tomato, cucumber, and red onion combination, but it’s surprisingly versatile.

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