3 Absolutely Delicious Ways to Cook With Dijon Mustard (Beyond Vinaigrette)

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Once made with verjuice (the highly acidic juice of unripe grapes), these days Dijon mustard is usually made with mustard seeds, white wine, and salt. From the French town of the same name, Dijon is the kick we rely on for more than just our go-to vinaigrette. Stir it into simmered blackberries for a sweet and savory sauce that's perfect with pork chops or a fancy cheese platter. Whisk it into a melty cheese fondue to help cut the richness so you can keep on dipping. And mustard on popcorn? Mais oui.

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Blackberry-Dijon Sauce

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Use Dijon mustard to balance out a jammy blackberry sauce, creating a trifecta of savory, sweet, and spicy that’s surprisingly versatile. Serve it alongside pork instead of applesauce, or slather on top of grilled bread with ricotta.

Get the recipe: Blackberry-Dijon Sauce

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Dijon Fondue

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Is there any better food in the world than melted cheese? Well, maybe fondue, which is really just souped up melted cheese, served here with a swirl of spicy Dijon mustard to cut through the intense richness.

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Honey-Dijon Popcorn

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Fresh popped kernels are perfect for sopping up the spicy-sweet combination of fiery Dijon and sweet honey. Add in the richness of nutty brown butter and you’ve got a seriously addictive snack on your hands that takes little time and effort.

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