This Seasoning Kit Elevates Every Meal I Make

The secret to delicious food is a simple spice blend.

Gaby Dalkin’s Ultimate Seasoning Set Review

I've always been a "good eater" as my parents love to remind me. I wasn't the type of kid who only ate bland spaghetti and chicken fingers. Instead, I had a more refined palate since my parents exposed me to fancier fare like sushi, lox on a bagel, and oysters on the half shell. While that last sentence may have made me sound like an overindulged child, I think it's actually very telling of how my love of food first came to be.

Trying new restaurants and sampling different cuisines is one of my favorite things to do, but I also love to cook at home. I consider myself to be an adequate amateur chef (if that's even a thing). From researching recipes, to creating weekly menus, and picking out provisions (aka grocery shopping)—I find that making home-cooked meals is both gratifying and therapeutic.

For the sake of our health and being fiscally responsible, I try to cook at home five to six nights a week. While I love trying new recipes and creating my own, it can be draining to think about what to cook for dinner each night, especially when your family offers their preferences and opinions. That's why I keep a secret weapon in my spice cabinet at all times. What's this special ingredient, you ask? It's Gaby Dalkin's Ultimate Seasoning Set from Williams-Sonoma.

If you're not already familiar with Gaby, you should follow her on Instagram (@whatsgabycooking) immediately. Not only is she an insanely talented chef, but her content is wildly refreshing and funny, so much so that she feels more like an old friend. Gaby's California-inspired recipes range from simple dishes like Spring Pea Pasta and Grilled Vegetable Pizza to more innovative creations like Mushroom Fontina Tartine and Caesar Salad Hot Dogs.

In addition to bringing us mouth-watering recipes, Gaby also has a line at Williams-Sonoma which includes infused olive oils, salsas, and my personal favorite: seasoning kits. While spice blends may seem a dime a dozen, Gaby's are superior by far. Whether you're making chicken, salmon, steak or veggies, these seasoning blends will transform your basic meal to something seriously delicious. Try the All Things Seafood for shrimp tacos and Gaby's Go To Blend for a Mediterranean chicken dish. If you're looking to spice things up in the kitchen (literally), these seasoning blends are the easiest and most inexpensive items to keep in your pantry. Don't worry, your family never has to know how your cooking just got exceptionally better. It can be our little secret.

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