Real Simple’s Favorite Grocery-Store Tortillas

They can be the foundation for countless easy family meals.


Best Everyday: Mission Super Soft Large Flour Tortillas


There’s a reason this bestseller is available at almost every supermarket and corner store: it’s soft, stretchy, and will never break when heated—ideal for wrapping.

To buy: $2 for one 20-ounce package, at supermarkets and

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Best Flour: Tortilla Land Flour Tortillas


Found in the refrigerated aisle, these uncooked wraps are made from just flour, water, canola oil, salt, and sugar. Cook on the stove—they’ll puff, blister, and taste like they’re made from scratch.

To buy: $4 for a 20-ounce package, at supermarkets and

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Best Corn: La Banderita White Corn Tortillas


Soft, but sturdy enough to hold fillings galore, this choice has real roasted-corn flavor.

To buy: $1.90 for a 27.5-ounce package, at supermarkets and

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Best Whole-Wheat: Maria and Ricardo’s Whole Wheat Tortillas


Organic flour, non-GMO ingredients, and a chewy texture set this whole-grain winner apart from dry competitors.

To buy: $2.90 for a 13.5-ounce package.

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Closest to Homemade: La Tortilla Factory Hand Made Style Yellow Corn Tortillas


The combination of corn and wheat flour provides each round with 14 grams of whole grains and an almost airy, light texture.

To buy: $2.90 for an 11.57-ounce package, at supermarkets and

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