I guess it pays to keep a stash of instant coffee in your house.

One of the most difficult parts of having to stay at home is not being able to visit my local coffee shop each morning. And since I rely on caffeine to help me function in the early hours, I decided I was going to have some fun with my at-home coffee order, and maybe even hone some new barista skills. While I typically order a cold brew with almond milk or an iced latte, I wanted to challenge myself to the latest internet craze: dalgona coffee, aka “whipped coffee.” It all started with a TikTok video that was posted on March 14, and has since gotten more than 10 million views.

So, what is whipped coffee? Well, it’s basically the opposite of a latte. Instead of spooning frothy milk on top of coffee, the whipped fluffy coffee goes on top of the milk. All you have to do is mix together equal part instant coffee, granulated sugar, and water—about 2 tablespoons of each. I recommend whisking your ingredients in a KitchenAid mixer or with an electric whisk. The goal is to make the texture light and airy, like you would with whipped cream. Once your coffee begins to form stiff peaks, you know you’re done.

Delicious homemade Iced Dalgona Coffee, a trendy fluffy creamy whipped coffee—served on a table, with a plate of apple as background
Credit: gahsoon/Getty Images

Grab a glass with some ice and your favorite milk of choice (I used oat milk), and spoonful the coffee on top. Lastly, use your straw or a spoon to mix it all up, and voila! If you prefer hot coffee, you can make whipped coffee and pour it over some warm milk, too.

As someone who considers themselves to be somewhat of a coffee snob, I was a little skeptical about using instant coffee. But much to my surprise, this drink was undeniably tasty and super simple to make. I also loved how the consistency was smooth and creamy. And shockingly, it wasn’t as sweet as I anticipated. I think whipped coffee might be the best caffeinated beverage for those who don’t love traditional coffee.

While I don’t think I’ll be making whipped coffee every morning, it was fun to try something new. I think I may make it again once it gets warmer out—and maybe I’ll add in a shot of Kahlua for good measure.