We Tried the Viral Whipped Coffee Everyone Loves—Here Are Our Thoughts

Who knew it would pay to keep a stash of instant coffee around?

One of life's greatest pleasures is a perfectly made morning coffee, not to mention we all rely on caffeine to help us function. With so many advances being made in at-home brewing options, it's fun having the opportunity to flex our barista muscles. Enter dalgona coffee, aka "whipped coffee."

Instead of spooning frothy milk on top of the coffee, this whipped fluffy coffee goes on top of the milk. Simply mix together equal part instant coffee, granulated sugar, and water—about 2 tablespoons of each. We recommend whisking your ingredients in a stand mixer or with an electric whisk. The goal is to make the texture light and airy, like you would with whipped cream. Once your coffee begins to form stiff peaks, you're done.

Delicious homemade Iced Dalgona Coffee, a trendy fluffy creamy whipped coffee—served on a table, with a plate of apple as background
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Grab a glass with ice and your favorite milk of choice (we used oat milk), and spoon the coffee on top. Lastly, use your straw (or a spoon) to mix it. If you prefer hot coffee, you can make whipped coffee and pour it over warm milk, too.

Though we were skeptical of instant coffee, this drink was undeniably tasty and super simple to make. It has a smooth, creamy consistency, and shockingly, it wasn't as sweet as we anticipated. Perhaps whipped coffee is the best caffeinated beverage for those who don't love traditional coffee.

Bonus: If you feel like taking it up a notch, add in a shot of Kahlua for good measure.

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