Half a dozen unique ways to serve this fall favorite.

By Ben Mims

Let’s be honest: An apple a day is kind of boring. But an apple and sausage monkey bread one day, a caramel apple ice cream float the next? Now you’re talking. Sauté crisp varieties (like Fuji) with vegetables for a subtly sweet side dish. Or pickle—yes, pickle—slices for snacks. Here are six new recipes to sink your teeth into.

Gimme some skin

Fifty percent of an apple’s vitamin C content is just below the skin. So don’t peel, but do wash well, with cool running water. And buy organic when possible. Cold maintains crispness; store in the refrigerator for 4 to 6 weeks.

Did you know?

All the apples grown in the United States—more than 200 million bushels a year—are handpicked. No harvesting machines, just old-fashioned ladders and buckets.