Best Chocolate Recipes and Tips

Satisfy your cravings with sweet recipes and ideas for cakes, brownies, cookies, and much more.

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6 Gourmet Hanukkah Gelts for Chocolate Lovers

Don’t be foiled by the thin, rock hard chocolate coins you know as “gelt.” Melt-in-your-mouth versions do, in fact, exist. Some of them even use single-origin, fair trade chocolate. We’ve rounded up the tastiest loot to help you shine during Hanukkah.

Favorite Chocolate Dessert Recipes

The 10 most popular decadent treats.

One Good Reason to Eat Chocolate Today

Chocolate-holics, rejoice! New research suggests chocolate may help boost your memory.


Cooking With Chocolate

Best Brownie Recipes

Whether you prefer traditional brownies or indulgent mix-ins, these decadent treats will satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth.

The Best Chocolate Bars

Willy Wonka, eat your heart out: Real Simple staffers selflessly tasted more than 180 luxe bars to determine which ones deserve a golden ticket.

The Best Baking Chocolate

The Real Simple test kitchen made 48 pans of brownies, 192 cookies, and eight cakes (sweet job, eh?) to find the best bars, chips, and cocoa powders on the market.