4 Tasty Avocado Breakfast Ideas Worth Waking Up Early For

Because every meal is better with avocado.

Avocados on rice cakes with slices of radish and an herb garnish served on a wooden background.
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Avocados can be good for so much more than topping toast (though we do love that, too!). Packed with healthy fats and fiber, this delicious fruit is a healthy breakfast choice dressed up in an irresistibly creamy package. (It is a superfood, after all.) Take avocado breakfast ideas in a savory direction by pairing avocado with beans, or sweeten things up by blending it into a decadent smoothie. Yep: You've found your new breakfast superhero.

See our handy chart, below, for four amazing recipes for avocado-based breakfasts. (If you print it out and hang it on your fridge for those mornings when you're in a breakfast rut, you'll thank yourself later.)

Avocado breakfast ideas

An illustrated infographic for avocado breakfast recipes in chart form.
Infographic by Asia Pietrzyk​; recipes by Sarah Karnasiewicz
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Avocado, Banana, and Cocoa Smoothie

Avocado, banana, and cocoa smoothie recipe illustration.
Emma Darvick

With banana, mango, and avocado (of course) this healthy breakfast smoothie packs a powerful fruity punch. If desired, add a pinch of protein powder to get your protein fix first thing in the morning, too.

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Avocado and Radish Toast

Avocado and radish toast recipe illustration.
Emma Darvick

No avocado breakfast idea is quite as perfect for breakfast (or beloved) as avocado toast. Make this favorite at home with a few easy ingredients, and you'll be hooked after one bite. This spin on the classic adds radish for a little color.

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Black Bean and Avocado Bowl

Black Bean and Avocado Bowl illustration.
Emma Darvick

For a protein-packed breakfast, look no further than this easy bowl, which has basic ingredients for a super-healthy morning meal.

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Baked Avocado Egg Cup

Baked Avocado Egg Cup recipe illustration
Emma Darvick

Avocado breakfast ideas don't get simpler than this egg bake, which uses the avocado as a dish and has only three ingredients.

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