The season truly is upon us.

By Ananda Eidelstein
September 12, 2017
Auntie Anne's

Although it is not quite fall, it sure does feel like it with all this pumpkin spice everything making appearances. And for a limited time, Auntie Anne’s, a crowd favorite and the world’s largest hand-rolled soft pretzel franchise, is making Pumpkin Spice Pretzel Nuggets available to us all right now. We got a big ol’ bucket of these nuggets to try and interestingly enough, there were mixed reviews.

The freshly baked pretzel nuggets are topped with a special blend of seasonal spices that are definitely reminiscent of fall. Each bite is warming, doughy, and delicious. Everything you expect from Auntie Anne’s. The nuggets hit big on the cinnamon, and they’re sweet enough to make it feel like a treat (but not too sweet to keep you from dunking it in cream cheese).

But for the pumpkin spice lovers on the team, it didn't truly read as pumpkin spice. “Honestly, the pumpkin was lacking. There could’ve been more sugar, or I’ll take some icing! It tasted like a plain pretzel, but just a hint sweeter”, said Hannah Norling, our Associate Producer.

This did not keep anyone from going back to the bucket for more. And for the rare pumpkin spice haters on the team, these were still delightful. We got all the fall notes without the overpowering taste of pumpkin spice. These nuggets are a more subtle version of a cinnamon sugar pretzel and super snack-friendly.

Associate Food Editor, Grace Elkus said, “They’re a great size for snacking and sharing. A fun treat that is not overly sweet like other pumpkin spice sweets, you know, like the PSL.”

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You can find these fall forward pretzel nuggets at Auntie Anne’s locations nationwide for just under four bucks. Snack away!