Can’t beat the price on these goodies.

By Ananda Eidelstein
Updated December 21, 2017
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Credit: Robert Mullan/Getty Images

ALDI sure knows how to make the season a bit tastier and affordable! Whether you’re hosting for 25 or four, the store has some delicious picks to perk up and lend a helping hand at your holiday party—and most of them are under $5.

Make a festive cheese and charcuterie board by including a variety of goods to make it feel bountiful. Grab a good-looking board and add three kinds of cheese to the mix in a variety of textures. And for about $12 here’s what you need to have it all come together: slice an Appleton Farms Dry Flavored Salami that’s coated with Herbes de Provence, put out a box of the Specially Selected Cheddar & Sunflower Artisan Crispbread, place some Stuffed Green Olives in a little bowl, and a schmear of Fig Fruit Spread directly on the surface. Bonus points if you place a bowl of the crispy Gouda Cheese Bites (that happen to be gluten-free and $1.69) nearby and all the nibblers will be thrilled. And there you have it—the party appetizer! Need a refresher on how to build the ultimate cheese board? We’ve got you.

Take it easy and make post-dinner a breeze with some sweet treats. Whether your guests want a cookie to enjoy with coffee or they’re lovers of all things chocolate, the after-dinner sweet category is covered. Pick up a box of the Continental Cookie Assortment that’s straight from Germany with a selection of dark, milk, and white chocolate cookies and wafers, or a box of some European Chocolate Truffles. You can have both for $7. Brew the perfect cup of Joe to compliment.

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The selection of these goods is a true bargain, which means more cha-ching for other holiday gifts! Check out our holiday gift guide if you still need to finish everyone on your list.