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Get to know unfamiliar ingredients—think ube, lactose-free cheese, irish better, grits, polenta, and more—and understand the difference between ones you may already know—half and half vs heavy cream, for one—with these guides to popular, familiar, and unexpected ingredients alike. Learn how and where to use these ingredients for tastier, more diverse meals.

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What Is an Ube and Why Is It So Popular?
Everything you need to know about the purple veggie that's loved by so many.
What Is Irish Butter?
Everything you need to know about the distinct qualities of Irish butter
What Is Cornmeal, Anyway?
You're probably familiar with cornmeal as the key ingredient in cornbread. Here, we go beyond the basics to explain exactly what cornmeal is and how it differs from similarly named products.
What Is Polenta, Exactly?
Polenta is an easy-to-please Italian staple that can be transformed into sweet or savory dishes. Below, we explain what polenta is made of and how to cook it.
What Are Grits?
Below, we explain what they are, what they’re made of, and how people eat them.
I Tried Daily Harvest for a Month—Here's What Happened
It changed the way I eat when I'm in a hurry, plus more.

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