Three new ways to enjoy your favorite movie-going snacks.

By Adina Steiman
Updated October 24, 2019
Credit: Jennifer Causey

Crunchy, buttery popcorn is a no-brainer for munching, and it couldn’t be easier to make at home. All you need is a lidded pot and a bit of oil—or your favorite microwavable brand. But don’t stop there. Once you’ve popped those kernels, you can make a range of recipes, from corn pancakes and savory cheese crisps to an extra-nutty take on those rice cereal treats we all love.

Credit: Jennifer Causey


Here’s an easy recipe for the best breakfast ever: Turn cornbread mix into pancakes, then fold in juicy corn kernels and crunchy popped corn. It’s toasty, triple-corn deliciousness, aka the stuff weekend dreams are made of.

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Credit: Jennifer Causey


Parmesan crisps meet perfectly popped corn in this easy snack recipe. You’ll coat the popcorn in a salted rosemary-infused butter, and then bake with Parmesan until each piece is covered in melty, cheesy goodness.

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Credit: Jennifer Causey


Three beloved treats becoming one in this easy recipe, which unite the buttery crunch of popcorn, the chunky delight of trail mix, and the gooey deliciousness of marshmallow crispy treats. It’s a salty-sweet delight, perfect for a bake sale, packing for an afternoon snack, or bringing on a hike.

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Recipes by Liz Mervosh