We rounded up all the recipes for each menu in the feature story of Real Simple's March 2020 issue—find them below.
Party With a Purpose Recipes | Real Simple March 2020
Credit: Victor Protasio

Wine Tasting Menu

Don’t let all that vino go to their heads. Our food team came up with three dishes that complement a variety of wines.

Pro tip: Treat the cheese board like a flight, arranging cheeses from mildest (like Manchego) to most intense (like a stinky blue). Find an assortment of textures (hard, semisoft, soft) and milk sources (cow, sheep, goat) so there’s something for everyone.

All-Ages Pizza Party Menu

Make your own pies along with a few crowd- pleasing sides, like salad and breadsticks.

Sweet Smorgasbord Menu

If you need some inspiration for your baked goods, try one of our favorites.