6 Party Mixes That Will Please Any Crowd

These sweet and savory snack blends came to party. 


Blue Cheese-Ritz Crumble

Photo by Sheri Giblin

Pull this mix out of the oven when the nuts are tacky and the sheet looks dry. We like to bake all of our mixes low and slow because it gives the nuts plenty of time to toast without the risk of burning. Don’t be alarmed if the first bite you sneak doesn’t have a perfect crunch, the mixture will crisp as it cools.

Get the recipe: Blue Cheese-Ritz Crumble


Old Blighty Mustard Mix

Photo by Sheri Giblin

This mix is designed specifically to keep you drinking. Pretzel twigs would be a fine substitute for the potato sticks (or you could use a handful of potato chips). Serve with a crisp pale ale or dry hard cider.

Get the recipe: Old Blighty Mustard Mix


Spicy Civil War Mix

Photo by Sheri Giblin

Our favorite Southern flavors got together to party in this mix. It’s pretty spicy, and we like it that way, but if you’re heat sensitive you can always adjust the amount of Tabasco you use. Start with a tablespoon and increase from there.

Get the recipe: Spicy Civil War Mix


Chocolate Overload Mix

Photo by Sheri Giblin

You can use any combination of cereal for this mix, as long as it equals 8 cups. Next time, we might try Corn Flakes, Rice Chex, and maybe even a handful of Wheat Chex to cut the richness. Studded with white chocolate chips, this makes a fine pick-me-up on a workday afternoon. For a real treat, enjoy this mix with a glass of cold milk and your favorite kiddos.

Get the recipe: Chocolate Overload Mix


Vanilla Caramel Kamikaze Party Mix

Photo by Sheri Giblin

The secret ingredient is: miso. While there are many miso pastes available in most major supermarkets, we like to use white miso; it’s sweeter than red miso and it’s lighter in color, so it won’t drown out the other ingredients in the mix. Look for it in the refrigerated section near the tofu and eggs.

Get the recipe: Vanilla Caramel Kamikaze Party Mix


Spicy Sesame Nut Mix

Photo by Sheri Giblin

This mix is an explosive combination of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. It’s addictively crunchy, and pretty to boot. Gochugaru is the only ingredient that might be hard to find. It’s available at Asian grocers and by mail order (but we can usually find it at Whole Foods). If you can’t find it, just substitute a healthy teaspoon of crushed red pepper.

Get the recipe: Spicy Sesame Nut Mix