It goes way beyond your frying pan.

Grace Elkus

Olive Oil Vodka

Martinis are always paired with an olive, so why not infuse the vodka with olive oil? It’s everything you love about a martini, without the muddiness of an olive brine. Trust us when we say its simple, delicious, and very versatile.

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Grace Elkus

Lime Olive Oil Custard

Serve this 5-ingredient custard with shortbread cookies and herbal tea for a simple, tasty dessert. Though the olive oil flavor is present, it’s balanced by the acidity of the lime and a touch of vanilla. Garnish with extra lime zest for a pretty presentation.

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Grace Elkus

Carrot Olive Oil

This lovely, mild oil can brighten up a variety of dishes, from a platter of sautéed green veggies to a piece of grilled seafood or steak. You can also use it in place of traditional olive oil in a salad dressing, or drizzled over hummus for a wow-worthy appetizer.

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