5 New Cookbooks for Fall 2016

We’ve selected the best and most beautiful books to help you cook mouthwatering meals all season long.


Better Baking by Genevieve Ko 


It’s hard to find a dependable baking cookbook, but look no further. Baking expert Genevieve Ko brings you flawless recipes that use modern, healthful ingredients. Her Green Tea Almond-Raspberry Bars, for example, swap food coloring for matcha green tea powder—and are the moistest we’ve ever tasted. A version of Mexican Wedding cookies (“Melting Walnut Snowballs”) use whole grain flour and olive oil, and are impeccably crisp and light. From the Pumpkin Cinnamon Spirals to the Chocolate Mousse Cake with Mocha Mascarpone, every option in this cookbook is tantalizing, impeccable—and practically nourishing.

To buy: $24, amazon.com.

Photo by amazon.com

Simple: Effortless Food, Big Flavors by Diana Henry


Meet your new roadmap to weeknight cooking. Henry’s latest book includes 150 recipes for last minute improvs, things on toast, as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Anything but plain old meat and potatoes, recipes like Moroccan-Spiced Chicken with Dates and Eggplant or Breton Tuna & White Bean Gratin are often globally inspired, but call for ingredients you’ll probably have in your pantry.

To buy: $33, amazon.com.

Photo by octopusbooks.co.uk

Molly on the Range: Recipes and Stories from an Unlikely Life on a Farm by Molly Yeh


Inspired by her heritage (Chinese and Jewish), her childhood (in suburban Chicago), her years spent in New York City, and her new Midwestern life on a sugar beet farm, this cookbook from blogger Molly Yeh is filled with more than 120 sweet and savory recipes. Molly has long charmed her Instagram followers with her cake decorating skills and now she guides us through her process in the book’s part IV, Desserts. Needless to say, you’ll be bookmarking this gem from beginning to end.

To buy: $24, amazon.com.

Photo by mynameisyeh.com


A Modern Way to Cook by Anna Jones


This vegetarian cookbook is a must-buy for busy cooks looking to get healthy weeknight meals on the table. The book is smartly organized by the time the recipes take, meaning you can flip right to a 15-minute dish when you’re short on time (think one-pot pastas and super-easy quesadillas). Packed with everything from breakfast bowls and homemade nut butters to full-on feasts, it’s a one-stop shop for all your veg-cooking needs.

To buy: $23, amazon.com.

Photo by penguinrandomhouse.com

Stir, Sizzle, Bake: Recipes for Your Cast-Iron Skillet by Charlotte Druckman


Once you get your hands on this genius cast-iron cookbook, you’ll never want to use another pan again. The recipes span from breakfast (sticky buns and frittatas) to dinnertime (pan-roasted gnocchi), and many come together entirely on the stovetop. Bonus: Druckman teaches you everything you need about how to clean and season the versatile skillet so you can enjoy it for a lifetime.

To buy: $15, amazon.com.

Photo by penguinrandomhouse.com