These fun guys belong in every dish. 

By Betty Gold
October 25, 2019
Greg DuPree

Mushrooms: there's just something about their savory, salty, umami-rich flavor that we can't get enough of. 

Good thing we've got plenty of options for how you can cook them. Mushrooms are delicious in any form, from baked into white pizza to cream of mushroom soup to wild mushroom and spinach stuffed shells. And whether you're a vegetarian or not, you'll find that they're a delicious stand-in for bacon, beef, or chicken thanks to their meaty flavor. Here are seven ~magical~ mushroom recipes you'll want to make tonight. 


Greg DuPree

Wild Mushroom 
and Spinach 
Stuffed Shells

Thanks to the creamy, rich ricotta and meaty wild mushrooms, this baked pasta dish is hearty, satisfying, and the perfect cold-weather classic. You'll tie it all together with a quick homemade marinara sauce, spinach, and blanket of cheese.

Get the recipe: Wild Mushroom 
and Spinach 
Stuffed Shells

Greg Dupree

Pasta With Chicken Sausage, Corn, Leeks, and Mushrooms

Nothing’s better than a meal you can whip up from ingredients you already have lying around. Exhibit A: this back-pocket pasta recipe. It uses a short list of flavor-packed ingredients that are quick to cook and can be easily swapped, like Italian chicken sausage, short noodles (we love twisted shapes such as gemelli or casareche), and leeks.

Get the recipePasta With Chicken Sausage, Corn, Leeks, and Mushrooms

Romulo Yanes

Poached Eggs With Mushrooms and Tomatoes

Here, you'll upgrade perfectly poached eggs with sautéed tomatoes and golden-brown seared mushrooms. It's the best brunch recipe for when you want to show off but haven't had your coffee yet: impressive looking but easy to make.

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Greg DuPree

Mushroom White Pizza

White pizza is the kind of dish that feels restaurant-fancy, but is actually quite easy to make at home. This one's cooked grandma-style, which means you'll stretch it out into one family-style serving on a baking sheet. Serve it with an arugula or romaine salad on the side.

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Greg DuPree

Soufflé Pancake With Miso Mushrooms

Here, you'll fold whipped egg whites into a savory pancake batter. The fully egg puffs up as it cooks, resulting in a buttery, crispy crust and a tender, fluffy center. The mushroom-bok choy mixture served on top is just as delightful.

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Gentl + Hyers

Wild Rice and Mushroom Pilaf With Cranberries

This Wild Rice and Mushroom Pilaf is the perfect side dish to complement poultry or meat. The savoriness of mushrooms and onions paired with fresh herbs and tart cranberries make it a true show-stopper.

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Jonny Valiant

Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna

In this fresh take on lasagna, the layers of pasta get interspersed with delicious mushrooms and silky cooked spinach. And rather than using traditional marinara sauce, you'll cook the pasta with a luscious cream sauce instead. 

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