And they all have one thing in common.

By Betty Gold
December 19, 2019

You guys have good taste (but we knew that). We just took a close look at the most clicked-and-cooked recipes of the year and identified one key theme: diversity. In terms of the type of dish—we’ve got sides, mains, desserts, drinks—and cuisine.

Indeed, recipes on this list span from curry coconut sauce and jasmine rice (better together!) to homemade hummus, salsa, and an Italian Amaretto sour. There are a couple of comfort food classics, too, like chicken and dumplings and roasted potatoes.

Take a look—maybe you’ve made some of these before, or perhaps it’s time to try something new. If it’s from a new cuisine, even better.

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Charles Masters

Amaretto Sour

Our top recipe of the year? This deliciously simple Amaretto Sour, an Italian liqueur-based cocktail that packs a sweet, bitter, and citrus-flavored punch. If you're wondering how to use the leftover Amaretto liqueur you bought to bake Christmas cookies, look no further. 

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David Meredith

Classic Chicken and Dumplings

Clearly, we can all agree that there are few dishes more comforting than classic chicken and dumplings. The magic in this recipe starts with chicken thighs that get browned then simmered to make a homemade chicken stock that serves as the base of the soup. Just a few ingredients go into the dumplings, which get dropped right into the soup and cooked. Garnish with parsley and serve with fresh sourdough or challah bread.

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Greg DuPree

Coconut-Curry Sauce

Break up with your Thai takeout habit and make this simple sauce from scratch instead. Thanks to coconut milk, fresh ginger, and red curry paste, this sauce is packed with flavor that's delicious drizzled over a bed of Jasmine rice, stir-fried vegetables, tofu, noodles, or sauteed shrimp.

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Grant Cornett

Creamy Mango Smoothie

Feel like you don't have time to eat breakfast? This four-ingredient smoothie is the perfect balanced breakfast that you can take on the go. Simply drop fresh mango into a single-serve blender with some milk, yogurt, a quick squeeze of honey, and some ice cubes and give it a whirl. To save even more time, you can prep the ingredients the night before. 

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Joy Skipper/Getty Images

Baked Sweet Potatoes

Of all the fuss-free cooking methods out there, roasting just might be our favorite. Sweet potatoes get even sweeter and more flavor-packed after they're baked in a high-heat oven, and their skins get deliciously crispy as the flesh inside softens into the ideal tender texture. Best part? All you need is potatoes, butter, salt, and pepper.

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Antonis Achilleos

Mai Tai

A classic cocktail that hits all the high notes: it's boozy, fruity, and seriously refreshing. This mai tai tastes just as delicious when you're poolside on a hot summer day as it will in the dead of winter—just close your eyes and think of a tropical beach.  

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windujedi/Getty Images

Jasmine Rice

Cooking jasmine rice is one of those seemingly simple tasks that is actually pretty difficult to master, even for some professional cooks. But once you master this technique, you’ll be steaming to perfection in no time. Serve with the coconut curry sauce above! 

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Ditte Isager

5-Minute Hummus

Pressed for time before your guests arrive and forgot to prep appetizers? 5-Minute Hummus. Famished and in search a protein-packed snack that takes zero work? We've got you. Whip up this homemade hummus recipe in minutes with chickpeas, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, tahini, and spices.

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Antonis Achilleos

Melting Potatoes

Oh, melting potatoes. Where do we even begin our love letter to you. This delicious dish lives up to the hype promised on Pinterest and then some. Think: creamy, caramelized coins that melt in your mouth. We'll never stop talking about how spectacular these spuds are.

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Ann Stratton

Easy DIY Salsa

Here's the scoop: this delicious DIY salsa recipe tastes 10 times better than the jarred stuff from the grocery store, and it's couldn't be easier to make. You'll start with juicy plum tomatoes—known for their crisp texture—and then mix in onion, cilantro, lime, garlic, and jalapeño. Not so into spice? Skip the small white seeds inside the jalapeño; if you want to bring the heat, keep them in. Once you make homemade salsa once, you'll never go back to buying it. 

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