4 Mason Jar Meals That Make Lunchtime So Much Easier

Your lunch is about to be the envy of the office.

Mason jars are great for canning, crafting, and gifting, but if you ask me, they're even better for meal prep. Seriously—if you're sick of your usual lunch routine, why not switch it up with these mason jar creations? We've included a spin on ramen noodles (they cook right in the jar!), a healthy, homemade burrito bowl, cheesy eggs perfect for dunking toast into, and more. The wide-mouth mason jars make for easy transportation and ensure all of the ingredients stay fresh.

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Grilled Cheese Mason Jar Eggs

Grilled Cheese Mason Jar Eggs
This fun recipe is great for kids and adults alike. Think of it as a new twist on soft-boiled eggs and soldiers—except this time, you get to dip your toasty bread strips into a mason jar. When the mason jars are heated, the butter melts, the eggs cook, and the cheese melts resulting in a little jar of heaven. Get the recipe:Grilled Cheese Mason Jar Eggs. Caitlin Bensel

Yes, you can cook eggs in a mason jar—and they're delicious. We call these grilled cheese eggs because you can dip toasted bread into the jars to enjoy the rich, buttery eggs and cheese inside. We recommend pairing with challah or brioche, but any toasted bread will work in a pinch. Get creative with other variations—toss in crumbled turkey bacon, stir in hummus, or finish with more fresh herbs.

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Mason Jar Miso Ramen Soup

Mason Jar Miso Ramen

This may be the ultimate lunchtime hack: A just-add-water homemade soup packed with veggies, tofu, and quick-cooking noodles. In the cold winter months, we suggest prepping three or four jars on Sunday (feel free to switch up the veggies), so lunch is packed for the whole week.

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Mason Jar Chicken Burrito Bowl

Mason Jar Chicken Burrito

Thanks to a rainbow of colorful veggies and a layer of cheese, this stacked salad looks (almost) too pretty to eat. It's packed with lean protein, whole grains, and vitamin C, but it tastes as good as your favorite store-bought burrito. Add the diced avocado on the day of to prevent it from browning.

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Mason Jar Greek Tabbouleh Salad

Mason Jar Tabbouleh Salad

Hummus lovers, this one's for you. This jar incorporates the tahini-laced puree into the salad, so you can enjoy the creamy dip in each and every bite. The herb-packed tabbouleh adds fresh lemony flavor to the arugula and chickpeas. Don't forget the pita chips for a satisfying crunch.

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